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Thread: 2009 Wu-Tang Corp Album Review thread

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    Default 2009 Wu-Tang Corp Album Review thread

    New Album Review scores...Dopium, Chamber Music, OB4CL2, Wizard of Poetry added.

    Let me first clarify, I was only responsible for compiling the data the forum gave me in ILC polls. I DID NOT choose the order, you did.

    #41 - Mr. Xcitement

    Artist - U-God
    Year - 2005

    # of classic tracks = 1
    It's a Wrap

    I'm Talkin' to You

    Other than the catchy back and forth patter of It's a Wrap, not much is gained from listening to this album with poor production and few guest appearances. Generally considered the worst Wu-Tang album ever made.

    Track average 1.72
    Weighted score 0.00
    Total Score = 1.72

    0.5 Stars

    #40 - Tical 0 : The Prequel

    Artist - Method Man
    Year - 2004

    # of Classic Tracks = 3
    What's Happenin'
    The Turn

    The Motto
    The Show

    Perhaps not as bad as everybody thinks, this album is still an overall disappointment for fans of Method Man, who seemed to ignore Wu-Tang production in favor of a more popish direction. It didn't work.

    Track average 1.75
    Weighted score 0.50
    Total Score = 2.25

    1 Star

    #39 - The Lex Diamond Story

    Artist - Raekwon
    Year - 2004

    # of Classic Tracks = 3
    Pitbull Fights
    Musketeers of Pig Alley
    Once upon a Time

    All Over Again
    Clientele Kid
    Pa-Blow Escablow

    The absolute low point of Raekwon's career, Lex Diamond features poor production, lazy lyrics, and a generally jagged flowing album unsuitable for multiple replays.

    Track average 2.36
    Weighted score 1.00
    Total Score = 3.36

    2 Stars

    #38 - The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2009

    # of Classic Tracks = 1
    Stapleton Sex

    Do Over
    Guest House


    An experiment that strays far from the Wu-Tang sentiment, to the intricacies of relationships. It's a grown up album, but that doesn't make it a good album. Ghostface's shortest and poorest effort.

    Track average 1.99
    Weighted score 1.50
    Total Score = 3.49

    2 Stars

    #37 - The Resident Patient

    Artist - Inspectah Deck
    Year - 2006

    # of Classic Tracks = 2
    Sound of the Slums
    A Lil' Story

    All I Want is Mine

    A largely overlooked release from Inspectah Deck, The Resident Patient features little guest appearances and little Wu-Tang production. The two stand out tracks are far and away better than the rest of the album.

    Track average 1.89
    Weighted score 2.20
    Total Score = 4.09

    2.5 Stars

    #36 - The Big Doe Rehab

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2007

    # of Classic Tracks = 1
    Yolanda's House

    Barrel Brothers
    Walk Around
    Supa GFK
    Rec Room Therapy
    Paisley Darts
    Shakey Dog starring Lolita
    Killa Lipstick
    Slow Down

    Sadly one of the more ignored albums in ghost's collective, Big Doe is not nearly as bad as most Wu-heads on here seem to believe. More a less a collection of good tracks sorely lacking in the Wu-Tang spirit production wise.

    Track average 2.62
    Weighted score 1.50
    Total Score = 4.12

    2.5 Stars

    #35 - Immobilarity

    Artist - Raekwon
    Year - 1999

    # of Classic Tracks = 4
    Live From New York
    The Table

    Yae Yo
    100 Rounds
    Real Life
    Fuck Them

    Great lyrics cannot make up for the uninspired production on Raekwon's sophomore album that plays as well, sophomoric. The strongest tracks are the only ones that combine both facets of musical composition.

    Track average 2.40
    Weighted score 2.00
    Total Score = 4.40

    2.5 Stars

    #34 - More Fish

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2006

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    Guns N' Razors
    Street Opera
    You Know I'm No Good
    Alex (Stolen Script)
    Miguel Sanchez

    Ghost is Back
    Blue Armor
    Grew Up Hard

    Leftovers from the Fishscale album are thrown together and rushed out just 6 months after Fishscale's release. Still the album could be much worse. Great production and fine vocals make this a worthwhile listen, despite the junk title.

    Track average 2.59
    Weighted score 2.40
    Total Score = 4.99

    2.5 Stars

    #33 - Made in Brooklyn

    Artist - Masta Killa
    Year - 2006

    # of Classic Tracks = 4
    It's What It Is
    Iron God Chamber
    Street Corner
    Ringin' Bells

    ENY House
    Nehanda and Cream
    Pass the Bone (remix)
    East MC's

    Just two years after his long awaited debut, Masta Killa drops Made in Brooklyn. Nobody could expect him to achieve what he did with his first album, and he doesn't, save the top 4 tracks, all brilliant compositions.

    Track average 2.60
    Weighted score 2.60
    Total Score = 5.20

    3 Stars

    #32 - Digi Snacks

    Artist - RZA
    Year - 2008

    # of Classic Tracks = 3
    You Can't Stop Me Now
    Money Don't Own Me
    Don't Be Afraid

    Long Time Coming
    Try Ya Ya Ya
    Up Again

    One of the most divisive albums in the Wu collective in terms of fan appreciation, Digi Snacks features diverse production from the RZA. While it most certainly isn't the greatest flowing album, there is something for everybody on here.

    Track average 2.09
    Weighted score 3.20
    Total Score = 5.29

    3 Stars

    #31 - The Movement

    Artist - Inspectah Deck
    Year - 2003

    # of Classic Tracks = 4
    City High
    Who Got It
    Shorty Right There

    That Shit
    The Movement
    It's Like That
    The Stereotype
    That Nigga

    Easily one of the more overlooked albums in the collective, The Movement is a collection of songs that showcase Inspectah Deck's lyrical talent and his range in subject matter. Vendetta and City High in particular are shining gems in Deck's repertoire.

    Track average 2.33
    Weighted score 3.00
    Total Score = 5.33

    3 Stars

    #30 - Nigga Please

    Artist - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    Year - 1999

    # of Classic Tracks = 2
    Got Your Money
    Nigga Please

    I Can't Wait
    Cold Blooded
    Rollin' With You
    You Don't Want To Fuck With Me
    I Want Pussy
    All In Together Now
    Gettin High

    A sad drop in quality from Dirty's first album, Nigga Please features production from the Neptunes and wild lyrics from the late Big Baby Jesus. Obviously sentimentally overrated.

    Track average 2.82
    Weighted score 2.80
    Total Score = 5.62

    3 Stars

    #29 - The Pretty Toney Album

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2004

    # of Classic Tracks = 4
    Be This Way

    Beat the Clock
    It's Over

    Dropping the "Killah" from his name, Ghostface attempts to bring his R+B fans closer with this soulful record that may be a disappointment to the more hardcore Wu-Tang fans. Those with a heart will genuinely love it.

    Track average 2.38
    Weighted score 3.40
    Total Score = 5.78

    3 Stars

    #28 - 4:21...The Day After

    Artist - Method Man
    Year - 2006

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    The Glide
    Konichiwa Bitches
    Presidential MC

    Is It Me
    Somebody Done Fucked Up
    Dirty Mef

    A solid offering after the very poor prequel album, 4:21 the Day After is anchored by RZA beat contributions. Presidential MC in particular is classic Wu-Tang, and one of the best Wu-Tang songs of the new century.

    Track average 2.69
    Weighted score 3.10
    Total Score = 5.79

    3 Stars

    #27 - Bulletproof Wallets

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2001

    # of Classic Tracks = 5
    The Forest
    Walking Through the Darkness
    The Hilton

    Street Chemistry

    Virtually destroyed what could have been a classic album due to sample clearance issues, Wallets none the less is a decent offering by Ghost with lush production and visceral lyrics.

    Track average 2.67
    Weighted score 3.30
    Total Score = 5.97

    3 Stars

    #26 - Dopium

    Artist - U-God
    Year - 2009

    # of Classic Tracks = 5
    Train Trussle
    God is Love
    Stomp Da Roach
    New Classic


    A very fine effort by U-God after his disastrous Mr. Xcitement album, the only drawback is a huge one. Three remixes on the end of the album destroy the track average and bring down what could have been a top 20 album.

    Track average 2.18
    Weighted score 3.80
    Total Score = 5.98

    3 Stars

    #25 - Digital Bullet

    Artist - RZA
    Year - 2001

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    Show You Love
    Glocko Pop
    Must Be Bobby
    Brooklyn Babies
    Do U

    Can't Loose
    Black Widow part 2
    Be a Man

    Build Strong

    The follow up to RZA's debut, Digital Bullet features strange experimental production by RZA. In some places (Brooklyn Babies, Sickness) it works, in others it doesn't.

    Track average 2.88
    Weighted score 3.50
    Total Score = 6.38

    3.5 Stars

    #24 - Golden Arms Redemption

    Artist - U-God
    Year - 1999

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    Dat's Gangsta
    Pleasure or Pain
    Night the City Cried

    Soul Dazzle
    Shell Shock
    Lay Down
    Turbo Charge

    The definition of an album that grows on you, GAR is U-God's uneven debut. Sorely missing guest appearances from his Wu-breathren, U-God admirably goes at it, mostly by himself.

    Track average 3.00
    Weighted score 3.60
    Total Score = 6.60

    3.5 Stars

    #23 - Chamber Music

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 2009

    # of Classic Tracks = 5
    Radiant Jewels
    Evil Deeds
    Ill Figures
    Sound the Horns
    NYC Crack

    Kill Too Hard

    Although not technically a Wu-Tang album, and not technically a complete album, Chamber Music is a fine album with 8 new tracks that are all good, and features live instrumentation.

    Track average 3.00
    Weighted score 3.70
    Total Score = 6.70

    3.5 Stars

    #22 - Birth of a Prince

    Artist - RZA
    Year - 2003

    # of Classic Tracks = 5
    Chi Kung
    Koto Chotan
    A Day to God is 1000 Years
    The Birth
    See the Joy

    Bob N' I
    The Grunge
    Fast Cars
    You'll Never Know

    Rza's temporary transition from his Bobby Digital persona to Prince Rakeem is an interesting album full of 5% knowledge. Although largely overlooked, this is clearly an album that grows on you.

    Track average 2.94
    Weighted score 4.00
    Total Score = 6.94

    3.5 Stars

    #21 - Legend of a Liquid Sword

    Artist - GZA
    Year - 2002

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    Auto Bio
    Knock Knock
    Animal Planet
    Fam (Members Only)
    Sparring Minds

    Did Ya Say That?
    Highway Robbery
    Uncut Material

    If this indeed is GZA's worst album, that says a lot about how great his personal collection is. Brilliant lyrics and fine production highlight this effort from the Clan's oldest general.

    Track average 3.02
    Weighted score 4.15
    Total Score = 7.17

    4 Stars

    #20 - Uncontrolled Substance

    Artist - Inspectah Deck
    Year - 1999

    # of Classic Tracks = 7
    9th Chamber
    The Grand Prix
    Word on the Street
    Lovin' You
    Rec Room

    Movas & Shakers
    Uncontrolled Substance
    Show N Prove

    It's sad to think about how great this album could have been, had not a flood destroyed the original version of this album. Still, it's well put together and although it lacks RZA production on many of the songs, Deck makes up for it with his dexterous tongue.

    Track average 3.08
    Weighted score 4.10
    Total Score = 7.18

    4 Stars

    #19 - Fishscale

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2006

    # of Classic Tracks = 8
    Shakey Dog
    The Champ
    9 Milli. Bros.
    Whip You With a Strap
    Be Easy

    Crack Spot
    Clipse Of Doom
    Big Girl
    Three Bricks

    Although reviews amongst fans are mostly divided, the critics all seemed to agree that this was one of the Wu-Tang's best albums in the post Forever era. Quite simply it is loaded.

    Track average 2.92
    Weighted score 4.30
    Total Score = 7.22

    4 Stars

    #18 - Iron Flag

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 2001

    # of Classic Tracks = 8
    In the Hood
    Uzi (Pinky Ring)
    Y'all Been Warned
    Iron Flag/The Glock
    The W

    Dashing (Reasons)

    Arguably the worst of the full length Wu-Tang albums, Iron Flag is still a very good album full of bangers and full of post 9-11 rhetoric. Coming just a year after the W, the album still manages to be a very complete, well put together creation and it features the best Wu-Tang track of the new century, the title track Iron Flag.

    Track average 3.34
    Weighted score 3.90
    Total Score = 7.24

    4 Stars

    #17 - Only Built for Cuban Linx...part II

    Artist - Raekwon
    Year - 2009

    # of Classic Tracks = 9
    House of Flying Daggers
    Cold Outside
    Black Mozart
    New Wu
    Ason Jones
    10 Bricks
    Kiss the Ring
    Walk Wit Me

    Sonny's Missing
    Pyrex Vision
    Surgical Gloves
    Broken Safety
    Have Mercy
    Mean Streets

    Raekwon's follow up to his classic debut, OB4CL2 is a mind bending thrill ride which evokes emotions of the mid-nineties. Clearly one of the best post Forever offerings.

    Track average 2.86
    Weighted score 4.55
    Total Score = 7.41

    4 Stars

    #16 - Pro Tools

    Artist - GZA
    Year - 2008

    # of Classic Tracks = 6
    7 Pounds
    0% Finance
    Path of Destruction

    Paper Plate
    Colombian Ties
    Life is a Movie

    GZA's latest outing was highly appreciated by critics and most fans. It features lush production and once again excellent lyrics by the ingenious word smith. Pencil and Alphabets are among the best tracks of the new century.

    Track average 3.46
    Weighted score 4.05
    Total Score = 7.51

    4 Stars

    #15 - 8 Diagrams

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 2007

    # of Classic Tracks = 10
    Take it Back
    Rushing Elephants
    The Heart Gently Weeps
    Gun Will Go
    Stick Me For My Riches
    Weak Spot
    Life Changes

    16th Chamber

    It's silly that infighting spoiled the shine of this clearly loaded album. RZA's new sound does absolutely nothing to detract from the clan, in fact it bolsters the lyrics and makes the music sound more rich.

    Track average 3.43
    Weighted score 4.20
    Total Score = 7.63

    4 Stars

    #14 - Tical 2000 : Judgment Day

    Artist - Method Man
    Year - 1998

    # of Classic Tracks = 9
    Dangerous Grounds
    Sweet Love
    Shaolin What
    Suspect Chin Music
    Grid Iron Rap
    Killin' Fields
    Judgment Day

    Perfect World
    Cradle Rock
    Play IV Keeps
    Break Ups 2 Make Ups
    Snuffed Out

    Although bogged down by as many skits as Chamber Music, here is another record that is filled with bangers. Method Man's follow up to Tical may actually be better, but it's poorly constructed.

    Track average 3.29
    Weighted score 4.35
    Total Score = 7.64

    4 Stars

    #13 - The W

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 2000

    # of Classic Tracks = 8
    Shaolin Finger Jab/Chamber Music
    Careful (Click Click)
    Hollow Bones
    One Blood Under W
    Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
    I Can't Go To Sleep
    Do You Really (Thang, Thang)
    Gravel Pit

    Let My Niggas Live
    The Monument
    Jah World

    The third group release from Wu, The W is a well put together, smoothly flowing album with few mistakes, unlike it's follow up Iron Flag. Amazing stand out tracks abound here.

    Track average 3.35
    Weighted score 4.45
    Total Score = 7.80

    4 Stars

    #12 - RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo

    Artist - RZA
    Year - 1998

    # of Classic Tracks = 9
    Unspoken Word
    NYC Everything
    Holocaust (Silkworm)
    Kiss of a Black Widow
    My Lovin' is Digi
    Domestic Violence

    Love Jones
    Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)
    Lab Drunk
    Fuck What You Think

    RZA becomes even more experimental production wise, taking a bold step into the unknown on this album. Most of it works, some doesn't. Still a near classic.

    Track average 3.45
    Weighted score 4.50
    Total Score = 7.95

    4 Stars

    #11 - Grandmasters

    Artist - GZA
    Year - 2005

    # of Classic Tracks = 7
    Destruction Of A Guard
    Exploitation Of Mistakes
    General Principles
    Advance Pawns
    Queen's Gambit
    All In Together Now
    Unstoppable Threats

    Those That's Bout It
    Unprotected Pieces
    Illusory Protection
    Smothered Mate

    The best thing about this album isn't what it has, it's what it doesn't have. This album doesn't have a bad track on it. With uniform flowing production by Muggs and GZA's apt word play once again, this album is a very easy listen. While it may seem high at #11, the track average is one of the highest in the post Forever era (10th overall), despite the lack of classic tracks.

    Track average 3.91
    Weighted score 4.25
    Total Score = 8.16

    4.5 Stars

    #10 - Return to the 36 Chambers :
    The Dirty Version

    Artist - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    Year - 1995

    # of Classic Tracks = 10
    Shimmy Shimmy Ya
    Baby C'mon
    Brooklyn Zoo
    Hippa To the Hoppa
    Brooklyn Zoo II
    Protect ya Neck II (In The Zoo)
    Cuttin' Headz

    Don't You Know
    The Stomp
    Goin Down
    Dirty Dancing

    Dirty's debut is one of the most eclectic hip hop albums of all time. It features wild production by RZA and even crazier lyrics by the Dirt Dog. A great experience.

    Track average 3.66
    Weighted score 4.70
    Total Score = 8.36

    4.5 Stars

    #9 - Beneath the Surface

    Artist - GZA
    Year - 1999

    # of Classic Tracks = 9
    Amplified Sample
    Beneath The Surface
    Crash Your Crew
    Breaker Breaker
    High Price Small Reward
    Hip Hop Fury
    Mic Trippin'

    Feel Like an Enemy

    GZA continues his formula of making short but loaded albums with Beneath the Surface. Although RZA takes a back seat on this one, producing just one track, Arabian Knight and Mathematics fill in for the bulk of the album admirably. This is a more modern Wu-Tang sound.

    Track average 4.07
    Weighted score 4.40
    Total Score = 8.47

    4.5 Stars

    #8 - No Said Date

    Artist - Masta Killa
    Year - 2004

    # of Classic Tracks = 9
    No Said Date
    Secret Rivals
    Old Man
    Masta Killa

    Last Drink
    Digi Warfare

    After a 10 year wait for the last Wu-Tang member to drop his solo album, Masta Killa didn't disappoint. Dark, classic Wu-Tang production highlights this near perfect effort. A modern Wu-Tang classic.

    Track average 3.88
    Weighted score 4.60
    Total Score = 8.48

    4.5 Stars

    #7 - Tical

    Artist - Method Man
    Year - 1994

    # of Classic Tracks = 8
    Bring the Pain
    All I Need
    What the Blood Clot
    Meth Vs. Chef
    Relese Yo Delf
    Mr. Sandman

    Sub Crazy
    P.L.O. Style
    I Get my Thang in Action

    The first and perhaps least of the first round of solos, Tical is highlighted by RZA's crazy production and Mef's best on the mic. This is absolutely an album that takes getting used to, but patient listeners will be rewarded by the intricate, spastic sounds it provides.

    Track average 4.05
    Weighted score 4.65
    Total Score = 8.70

    4.5 Stars

    #6 - Supreme Clientele

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 2000

    # of Classic Tracks = 10
    Ghost Deini
    Apollo Kids
    Buck 50
    Mighty Healthy
    We Made It
    Child's Play
    Wu Banga 101

    Saturday Nite
    The Grain
    Stay True
    Stroke Of Death
    Cherchez La Ghost

    The best post Forever album, and it's not really that close. Supreme Clientele is proof that the sophmore curse isn't absolute. It's arguable that this is Ghost's magnum opus, an album full of intense drug stories and sick beats, as well as a multitude of reminiscent feelings and emotional outbursts. A very personal album.

    Track average 3.93
    Weighted score 4.80
    Total Score = 8.73

    4.5 Stars

    #5 - Ironman

    Artist - Ghostface Killah
    Year - 1996

    # of Classic Tracks = 11
    Iron Maiden
    Assassination Day
    Winter Warz
    Box in Hand
    Daytona 500
    Black Jesus
    After the Smoke is Clear
    All That I Got Is You

    The Faster Blade
    Poisonous Darts
    Motherless Child
    The Soul Controller

    I find it amazing that Motherless Child, Camay, and Poisonous Dartz didn't make the cut, and yet this album still has 11 classic tracks. Ghost is backed by RZA's most soulful production to date, and he shines with help from Raekwon and Cappadonna.

    Track average 3.99
    Weighted score 4.75
    Total Score = 8.74

    4.5 Stars

    #4 - Wu-Tang Forever

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 1997

    # of Classic Tracks = 18
    For Heaven's Sake
    Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours
    As High as Wu-Tang Get
    Severe Punishment
    Older Gods
    A Better Tomorrow
    It's Yourz
    Deadly Melody
    Bells of War
    The M.G.M
    Dog Shit
    Duck Seazon
    Hellz Wind Staff

    Little Ghetto Boys
    The City
    The Projects

    The double disc masterpiece, Wu-Tang Forever is the second most popular album but drops to forth due to track average. (6th Overall)
    No album can touch it's number of bangers, and no album can touch it's diverse production by RZA.

    Track average 4.04
    Weighted score 4.95
    Total Score = 8.99

    4.5 Stars

    #3 - Only Built for Cuban Linx...

    Artist - Raekwon
    Year - 1995

    # of Classic Tracks = 15
    Knowledge God
    Incarcerated Scarfaces
    Rainy Dayz
    Guillotine (swordz)
    Can it Be All So Simple (remix)
    Ice Water
    Glaciers of Ice
    Verbal Intercourse
    Wisdom Body
    Ice Cream
    Heaven & Hell

    Spot Rushers

    The original rap mafioso album, OB4CL has been copied but never duplicated. Amazingly every track except Spot Rusherz was nominated a classic.

    Track average 4.54
    Weighted score 4.85
    Total Score = 9.39

    5 Stars

    #2 - Liquid Swords

    Artist - GZA
    Year - 1995

    # of Classic Tracks = 13
    Liquid Swords
    Duel of the Iron Mic
    Living in the World Today
    Cold World
    4th Chamber
    Killah Hillz 10304
    Investigative Reports
    I Gotcha Back

    One of the darkest and greatest albums in the history of hip hop, Liquid Swords is a perfect album. Every track was nominated a classic and deservedly so.

    Track average 4.66
    Weighted score 4.90
    Total Score = 9.56

    5 Stars

    #1 - Wu-Tang : Enter the 36 Chambers

    Artist - Wu-Tang Clan
    Year - 1993

    # of Classic Tracks = 11
    Bring Da Ruckus
    Shame on a Nigga
    Clan in da Front
    Wu Tang: 7th Chamber
    Can it be All So Simple
    Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
    Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin' to Fuck wit'
    Method Man
    Protect Ya Neck

    Wu Tang: 7th Chamber pt. 2

    The one that started it all.

    Track average 4.68
    Weighted score 5.00
    Total Score = 9.68

    5 Stars

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    Superb - nice work. Enjoyed reading that

    Edit - actually - thinking about it - I guess this explains why I, and obviously many others, became so obsessed by the Wu - and this list doesn't include monsters releases like Heavy Mental, Last Shall be First, Killarmy, Swarm etc.

    Will there ever be another movement like the Wu?
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    nice work

    someone rep this muthafucka

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    I had to go back and fix something. Pro Tools seemed oddly high to me, and sure enough I made a mistake on the averages. Fixed now, from #12 to #16.

    Quote Originally Posted by New Hills 36 View Post
    Superb - nice work. Enjoyed reading that

    Edit - actually - thinking about it - I guess this explains why I, and obviously many others, became so obsessed by the Wu - and this list doesn't include monsters releases like Heavy Mental, Last Shall be First, Killarmy, Swarm etc.

    Will there ever be another movement like the Wu?
    I dunno.

    This list is just the generals, it would be really hard to calculate just where those albums would fall because killa bee polls don't get that much participation.

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    Great work as usual B, you didn't waste your time, this sounds really coherent and matches what I've hear here and there on the Corp.

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    I dunno.

    This list is just the generals, it would be really hard to calculate just where those albums would fall because killa bee polls don't get that much participation.[/QUOTE]

    BR - no criticism intended - was just highlighting that there are so many great realeases on that list - and it doesn't include (what are to me anyway) some of the great Wu releases.

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    No yea, I hear ya, I just forgot to mention generals only in the beginning.

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    Flip that - I loved Wizard of Poetry.

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    I'm sure many people did, but the voting certainly didn't reflect that, it averaged less than 2 out of 5 in the track averages. Maybe it needs more time, remember it's only a month old and there are like 5 women on this site.

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    Close calls added in orange below the classics

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    #21 - Auto Bio listed as a classic and a close-call.

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    Nice. Thanks.

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    dope work B rock

    i was suprised to see a few tracks not make classic status

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