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Thread: NEW!! Sheek Louch ft. Lord Finesse - I Know You Missed Me

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    Default NEW!! Sheek Louch ft. Lord Finesse - I Know You Missed Me

    DAAAAAMN, finally Finesse is rhyming again, haven't heard a verse from him in years. Great fucking news, wish he had a few verses on the OC & AG album too, but this seems like we might actually get an album from the legend who haven't dropped a full length since '95. oh yeah, Sheek Louch is on this too:

    Sheek Louch & Lord Finesse - "I Know You Missed Me

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    its great finesse is back but this track was really weak, compared to other new tracks that dropped like buffalo bill, elevator and that 8ball n mjg track

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    ...what 8ball and MJG track? link?

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