i see these flying things every now and again. they appear out of nowhere and they'll either land onto something or vanish into thin air. from the looks of it, it looks like a thread of black soot. it's definitely not from my ashtray or joints. i've seen them in two other people's houses, so it's not because my place is particularly dirty. other people can see them too, and i have video and photo evidence of them, so they're not just my imagination. the way they fly around the room is like nothing i've ever seen in my life. in all directions and speeds, though they usually fly at a slow pace, they also curve. twist and bend whilst in flight. the nearest thing i can compare its flight to is like when a length of seaweed, that's deep in the ocean, is being moved by the current. beautiful to watch if you ever saw it in real life.

i haven't been seeing them all my life, only started seeing them from 2006 onwards.

the first vid, you can't see anything for the first five seconds but if you stare at the centre of the screen you should see it. this one was taken on the 27 nov 09. you have to excuse the mess in my room! i wasn't expecting to be filming as you can see.