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that is weird.
i'm at a loss with this one trixx.
it reminds me of ash from when you burn plastic but the characteristics you explain don't match that.

collect those samples and maybe one day you'll run into someone who can analyze it or knows someone who can. you wouldn't want to have to wait till easter to see them again.

you can attract someone who can help by keeping these ghosts in the front of your consciousness. the law of attraction will bring the right people to you.
think about the ghosts before you go to sleep too. this will target the info and connect you to the grid and the answer may come to you in a dream.

but yo, thats some weird shit right there lady.
i do have a sample that i've stuck to some cellotape. i've had it for almost 2 years, i think.

when i saw the 2 that i filmed, they were already flying around the room for me to spot them. then it took me a little while to grab my phone and set it to record.

if you watch the first vid carefully, you can clearly see that it kind of hovers around at approximately the same height for the entire 30+ second footage. i don't know anything without wings can do something like.

the times that i've seen them in my friends houses, both times it was in their kitchen, and they both keep their kitchens spotless. but only one of those girls was with me in their kitchen at the same time and saw it.

i don't think i could invoke them or anything like that. they appear when they want to. i thought they might appear because of what's in my thoughts at that particular moment, or because of a particular song that is playing in my flat. but i can't be sure if i could link their appearances to any of it.

the biggest one i ever saw actually looked like a snowflake, but it was black and it landed on my shoulder. that one i would say was approximately 3-4 cms in diameter.

i remember another one that landed on my hand. sometimes they don't mind landing on my hand but other times, if i put my hand out to catch it, it will just float upwards. the first one that ever landed on my hand shocked me, because after it landed, i stared at it for ages. then spent the next 10 or so minutes to smoke a spliff, while it was still on my hand, it didn't fall off my hand at all. instead, after i finished my spliff, i tried to brush it off, it didn't brush off, so i rubbed it, and it still wouldn't rub off, i licked my finger and used that to rub it off and it still wouldn't come off. it was gone by the next morning though.