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Thread: Have any of you seen anything like this?

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    i was chilling in bed yesterday, like always, and a ghost appeared.

    i had my ipod playing Biggie's Relax and Take Notes the 8ball and MJG remix.

    i was thinking about the line "gunshot bride triggers cries" from Pendulum's song Propane Nightmares while Relax and Take Notes was playing.

    just as Biggie sang "gunsmoke" and i thought of the words "trigger cries" the ghost appeared.

    i was lying on the right hand side of my bed and it appeared a few feet away from where i was lying. it didn't flly around the room, just slowly drifted down towards me and landed on my pack of Golden Virginia that Liz gave me.

    i didn't get round to taking pics yesterday but i've taken some today. the ghost is right under the word "you" where it says "smoking seriously harms you..."

    these were taken with my phone:

    and these were taken with my digicam:

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