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Thread: Have any of you seen anything like this?

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    interesting vids, soul.

    the guy was right in that objects moving slow can appear to be moving fast if the object is close to the lens. i don't think they are actually a living thing, not spider. when you look at it it just looks like a fine line of black dust.

    those flying rods in the first vid flew around way too fast to be anything like the things i see. my camera can't capture how graceful the way my flying things fly. it's actually like they're doing a slow dance in the atmosphere.

    and they don't produce light or reflect light. i've never seen any flying thing of mine in the dark, always with some kind of light on. i don't know how they do it but they can appear out of thin air, dance around a bit for my entertainment, and sometimes i don't always have my phone to film it so i have to take my eyes off the flying thing, now when i take my eyes off it it will do either of two things. one, it will vanish while i'm getting the camera and won't be there anymore when i come to film it. or two, sometimes it might still be there and allow me to film it dancing around and the it might vanish again once it's done or it might descend and land onto something.

    i'm gutted when they don't allow me to film them. i haven't actually seen one since last summer. they deserted me at christmas and easter. not like them to miss those days.
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