thanks to the 6 that mntioned

no specific order
King C- we could chill and eat some flip grub..haha...and look for chopz
Chopz- we could go to a wu-concert and meetthe wu... which he practically does all the time
Jeru- we could chill and watch muppet babies and hit up Jeru the Damaja and have him come back...
Reggie- Take him to america to make him eatv some STRUDELS
Rakwan- chill and his crib or mine... flip banners out....and argue over which headphones are better
09- watch some cartoons or anime and take him to meet aria
wutage- make some banners together... and show him the master of FF
born invincible- play MGS3 and show him who really owns at that game
TUCO- go to a HEAT game and watch the Nets walk al over them
Spoken- head to his studio and have him flip freetyles and chill
Don Deini- we could smack the fuck outta those kufi bearers
Ghost Deini- i could go to his record store and get hella shit for free
LSB- get a tattoo, watch kung fu flicks and thank her for singing me happy bday on my voicemail....
QOP- do the thing that you said you would do to me... *CHAIR*
Gravey- encourage this damn cat to finish that damn comic he was startin when we were at methical
Esco- chill..... go with him to cancun...haha... and talk about diversifying ya bonds...sucka!!! haha
Dae Ja Nae- chill at her place and get her to do her hw...lmao
Urban Angel- get u a new digi cam or something to make ya small ass pics
Big Bad Man- work out at the gym...thanks for the work plan... doin great... and we could kick the mutha fuckin cunts asses!!
Big Ben- buy him a drink and a lapdance and make sure he gets rid of that boner..haha.... by someone....
grande- teach me some PS and illustrator shit
kid sha- catch a raptors game and flip banners out
ghostface29- watch the raptors and the nets duke it out...lmao...o0o0 shit
tonystarks24- kick back and have him teach me his mafia ways...haha
msrza- get a tattoo together... and kick back
skale- kick his ass at def jam vendetta 2...lmao... im still game
BEANZ/ wu gambino- chill.... go to best buy and buy some digable planets and kick his ass as well in def jam vendetta 2...ha...and finally find out what he looks like
mashqauck- build.... get to know each others FAM, and take him under my wing and cause ruckus... no graffiti
sicka- have him teach me how to tag some ill shit
butter- have him make some beats and listen to TCQ
Oz- watch a dallas cowboys game with him..
Lucky- eat some of those pancakes.... with tituba syrup lol..
36 chambers- see how he really is as a person
Mark Mayoya- go find wu mami and her naked pics...lmao... remember that shit
S.L.- hell yeah.... orange juice no CONCENTRATE,,,, all natural!!! hahaha... and flip verses i guess

to anyone i missed sorry.. ur not this is the 2nd time i had to type this... it fucked up the 1st time and i had to start all over... peace