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Thread: Pitt moving to the Big 10?? wathc out Toochski, we're coming after ohio st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
    i agree a conference champ. is good.

    Pitt may be the best choice.

    But we will dominate u in football u do realize this????

    We are not Cincy....this is the big boys. Can u handle this along with playing WVU out of conference???

    right now, pitt and wvu are on par with or better than any team in the big 10 with the exception of ohio st. moving to the big 10 would only help pitt's recruiting.

    i think cinci is going to take a huge step back after losing their coach. that program was never anything before him, now that he is gone, i don't expect it to be anything after him. i mean, there stadium is over 100 years old and it only holds 35,000 people. who in the world would want to play there.

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    It may help recruiting but its going to hurt your chances at getting a BCS bid....

    Because now your playing Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan, not to mention Wisconsin and Iowa every year.

    And realistically, your not going to win out.

    It may help recruiting in PA.
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    I can see why Dixon would not want to leave the Big East from a basketball stand point, but from a football stand point I think it be best

    as far as ND goes, I dont see them doing it

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