ok, i read this post over a half hour ago, but i needed time to soak all of this in before posting. first i must say, that although i never grew up rich, i never had to eat at a homeless shelter before and hopefully never have to. with that being said, i think i need to bullet point here because my thoughts are all over the place...

Skampoe - first of all, i question why you volunteered this info. part of me thinks that you made this up to get a laugh, but in case not, i know everyone has said it, but i must reiterate for emphasis. your fat ass goes to a homeless shelter??? do you take your wireless netbook there and connect to the wifi and post on wu-corp while you are eating. you better watch yourself fat ass. if donations are running low one month, they might chop your ass up and throw it in the stew.

Palehorse - you personify trash. you have said numerous times on here that you will never work a 9-5 because that would mean you were a slave to the corporations. apparently you don't know the definition of slave. a slave works for FREE. you know who else works for free? the volunteers at the soup kitchen, you scumbag. you won't get a job where you make money and can buy groceries, but you will go mooch a meal off of somebody who spent their FREE time to cook and serve you. you should just kill yourself now.

Ghostlaced - I think this is your magnum opus. check that, i know this is your magnum opus. 16,000 posts and you finally got a quality one.