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Thread: Eastern Condors "The Sofreh" EP

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    Default Eastern Condors "The Sofreh" EP

    Sup Wu Corp heads,

    I was up on this site a while back and then as I did with most forums I took time off to focus on making some moves such as setting up local shows and promoting etc. In the midst of doing all this I recorded an original EP with UK artist known as Grievous Bodily Harm (aka GBH). We combined together to make the first actual project that we'd heard of with a UK and US artist collaborating as a bonafide group. The result is "The Sofreh" and we would like to share that with you to hold heads over while I work on my second album.

    Anybody who might be looking to add up on myspace for myspace and facebook feel free to visit the following sites. We are open to collabs as well.
    (GBH's facebook)

    Peace and Blessings,

    Eastern Condors

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    This should be good.

    Peace X

    Downloading right now.

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