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Thread: All That I Got Is You - Track Review

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    Default All That I Got Is You - Track Review

    All That I Got Is You


    Ghostface Killah
    Mary J. Blige
    Popa Wu


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    One of the most poignant moments in the clan history, Mary is exquisite, ghost is depressing.

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    Absolutely B-Rock. Poignant and exquisite. I love Popa Wu at the end too.


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    I played this song for my mom and she cried. Ghost crosses all demographics with this one, and its a definitive moment in his career.

    Songs like this are why I think Ghost is the best rapper of all time. So much of rap is posturing and bravado on the mic. You get MC's bragging all day and talking like they are super-heroes. After a while it all starts to sound like bullshit. Ghost is a human being, and he lets you know it with songs like this. Ghost is like James Brown in that he could have easily been a preacher. The soul just oozes out of him.

    Even when Ghost is spitting fire rhymes he is still human. When he shoots dudes in the face, he has a nervous breakdown (Walk Around). When he's fucking Missy Elliot, he gets a charley horse and looses balance (Tush). When a gun fight breaks out, he gets shot in the face (Shakey Dog). When he's getting a blowjob and his son pops up, he's scared to death (Gihad). He always gives himself a flaw, a human element in his stories, so when you hear about him laying pipe, you really BELIEVE IT, you know its not some teenage bullshit braggadocio.

    5 star classic.

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    Man I wish I could rep - coz that deserves it.

    All the best

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    ye respect to beowulf u naild the review nuff sed

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    Beowulf, I agree. All That I Got Is You song is very sad and there haven't been too many rappers that have made songs like this. It's sad that Ghostface Killah grew up poor but his upbringing is like most rappers who grew up poor in the hood and had to struggle to survive. Props to him for sampling The Jackson 5's Maybe Tomorrow song. I like Maybe Tomorrow and my dad has their Maybe Tomorrow album and I like the album pictures. I wonder how come Mary J Blige wasn't in All That I Got Is You video.

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