Praise JESUS CHRIST! Yo, RZA GOD Bless you my Brother & Friend! W.U.-T.A.N.G. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. (WISDOM UNDERSTANDING - TRUTH ABBA NAZARENE GOD FOREVER OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ETERNAL VICTORY ENLIGHTENMENT REAL). I am waiting patiently to purchase a copy of your newest book, the TAO (JESUS - IS THE ONLY WAY) of the W.U. (WORD.UNITY.). I've purchased many copies of the WU TANG MANUAL (Witty.Unpredictable.Truth.Always.(K)Nowing GOD), and have read it many times smoking or not (I call it Herb according to Moses in Genesis 1:11 (KJV HOLY BIBLE). I've also passed them out to friends and strangers (brothers). May you please send me an autographed copy of the TAO (JESUS) of the WU, and it would be GREATLY appreciated. My Oldest Son Nathan'el is 17 and he produces better than me. I would love to send you FREE music. And you can log onto as my CHRISTmas Present to you and download our newest album 'maCmoses: I'll Find Out!'. Just type maCmoses in the search engine please. I know O.D.B. (Our Dear Brethren) is with JESUS. He's still in the house, He just went upstairs. I know you already know this. JESUS IS COMING BACK, but TRUTHFULLY, HE NEVER LEFT! PEACE!
-James 'maCmoses' Mc Morris II
maCmoses (Me and CHRIST Moving Obstacles So Everyone Sees)