Anyone up on this shit?

1. Pocket Full of Stones b/w Hail Mary Instrumental
- The new beats really add a different element to the original song. The Hail Mary beat makes Pocket Full of Stones so much more menacing and evil sounding. 10/10

2. Akickdoe! P.W.A. b/w Pussy Weed and Alcohol Instrumental
-A really dope mix, one of my favorite instrumentals. 10/10

3. Front Back Side to Side b/w Pussy Weed and Alcohol Instrumental
-What I love the most about this song is how it leads directly in from Akickdoe! and it makes it one big song. 10/10

4. I Left It Wet 4 Ya b/w Freaky Tales Instrumental
-A Classic no brainer mix. Too Short beat w/ I left it wet for ya vocals? Classic 10/10

5. Pimp C- Top Notch Hoes
- This isn't a mix, this is one of Pimp C's best songs. Dissing The Roots for those who don't know. 10/10

6. Too Real b/w Diamond & Wood Instrumental
- Again once it leads into the next track it makes it feel like one giant song 10/10

7. Diamonds & Wood b/w Too Real Instrumental
- 10/10

8. Playaz From the South b/w One Day Instrumental
- Not one of my favorites but still pretty good. 9/10

9. Something Good b/w Thug Luv Instrumental
- The one mix I couldn't listen to for long. 6/10

10. Murder b/w Southside Instrumental
- Classic lyrics that everyone knows, classic beat that everyone knows. 10/10

11. Master P - Break Em Off Somethin b/w Southside Instrumental
- 8/10

12. Free b/w Homies and Thugs Instrumental
- Another favorite. Lil Sin featuring UGK. 10/10

13. One Day Remix b/w Something Good Instrumental
- 10/10

This is a classic album to roll a blunt to and relax.