Almighty Black P-Stones (I belong to this one)
Vice Lordz
Latin Kingz
Latin Counts
Damu (Blood)
GDz (Gangster Disciples/Growth & Development)

Each of these groups are special in a way.
They all have religion and political involvement.
And what they call lit which comes from different

VL lit is composed of literature from different Islamic groups, the
five point star clearly comes from the Moorish Science demonstration,
and no where else. Jeff Fort was a Moorish American and he took that to
the BPSN, thats why they call eachother MO or MOE short for Moor,
Moorish or MOABITE. We Moors of North Eastern Africa (Amexem) are
descendants of the Moabites who are descendants of North Western Africa
(Egypt or Khemet)The Lords didn't demonstrate with the Moorish
principles so much. Some Lords as my self study moorish science others
may be 5%ers other may just be lords and practice Lordism, others are
Muslims, and some Christians (although i don't know why after being
exposed to such high science) I have some Lit that states the
acceptance of other religions due to the fact that no religion OWNS the
belief and or concept of ALLAH/GOD. and that is from Vice Lord Lit.
There is a line in the Koran of the Moorish Temple of Science that
states "ALL IS WELL" I will email you, it is my signature.

Post more if you know more.