hahah trash huh?

let me take you down memory lane 3 hours ago

your play with words and ya rhymes are spoken for
just ask the girl on 6th steet screamin, "IM A WHORE"!
weak punchlines plus no skill, equals the phrase "i'll verbaly kill you Skale"
chain smoker, so what? i got nothing better to do except destroy my lungs
stick to the facts, your whole styles whack, your jokes are jokes, that's exact
crack, who u r to claim, when i 'rock' the mic, your exposed, fake its-snot cocaine
your lame, another dickride screamin fuck fortune and fame, oh well, guess u beat me to the 'game'
you couldnt see my mental plain, even if i stuck u in a 747 with binoculars, ah who gives a flying fuck...
that punchline killed u anyways...
your white? not even u act, u type with a slang or accent of a black, u understand? iight?
go back two lines, i just took you a self recognizing flight, don't get offended...
...about the punchline one line before this rhyme
im a lyrical acrobat, and well your shrap, one mans garbage is another tresure, to me your just trash
now thats some fucking trash, here let me also add what other's think bout you're rhyme's.......

Surreal, he had some tight lines, but what made me for him over I-Legit is that Legit is hypocrytical, read the "rules" ya put.
good job legit, your getting better...i was just joking man about u getting better,vote:SL, he actually is good an is always getting better
peace, U suck legit
now you edit your ish, i can see sum more of the rhymes, but still don't think it flow clean. You have to think that for writtens the reader can't hear the flow you got in your head so that's how you gotta write. But I ain't hatin, and battlin's a lot bout put downs, so they cool from SL.
now if you still gon be whinin bout me bein a hater cuz i didn't vote for you, i just got a finger ta show you.
IF NOT, then we cool, so Peace, good battle both of ya'll
wird to 20 lines..i dont usually do this text shit..but i'm bored as fuck with a headache..so my mic prowess aint 100% for tryna record this joint i wanna drop tonight..so imma eat this kid real quick..- aimed toward's YOU!!
SurreaL took it by far... your last verse ain't even rhyme ilegit. And

robot's and shit, man, you are verbaly whack,
this verbal attack can kill you, and that's a matter of fact.

But you a waste of time, and you are wasting mine,
I feel bad dissing you, look, your another wasted line,
your skill's are a waste of rhyme, you seein the sign?
You a bitch MC, this verbal rape should be a crime.

yeah, that took it....

vote: SurreaL
haha, that was 1 battle, i've battled you 3 time's and won everytime, and everytime you would write a whack ass story, you ain't good, you're a chump emcee, eat my shit, and why do you complain everytime someone say's somthing in response to what you said, you can dish it out but can't take it back?, you're a sad excuse for a man, boy. Im done with you're pathetic ass, get a life, and stop being such a critDICK!!!!!!

P.S - you's a funny kid,
go get soem pussy let out some frustration
bahahahahahahahaabahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahaha, oh man you're fucking stupid, arn't you the kid who said he get's bitch's all the time, and old mom's and shit, but it turn's out you let the secret of being a 17 year old Virgin on metical, that's funny, I get pussy all the time, I have a steady job, a steady life and here i'll bold it A steady girlfriend to let you know, we've been dating for over 3 year's, live together, and I for one, damn sure get's pussy every night, so im not the one frustrated, pee-wee, haha, you a stupid mother fucker