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Thread: So High (G-13) - Track Review

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    Default So High (G-13) - Track Review

    So High (G-13)

    T.H.C. : The Hip Hop Collection (High Times) - Various

    Timbo King




    Killa Bee will sting, blitzed from the sticky green
    I had the chocolate Thai mixed with the G-13
    I'm from the super Cala fragilistic twisted
    Throat dry as brownies, I had to sip a Mystic
    Called up Johnny Blaze cuz I know he love to smoke
    He said for migraine headaches weed be the antidote
    Brown bags got more seeds than a cantaloupe
    Northern Lights have you runnin' like wild antelopes
    Seen through a microscope, crystallized T.H.C.
    I mix mine with the Digi soaked in minty leaf
    And I puff puff and I smoke the smoke
    *cough cough cough*..but I didn't choke

    (Timbo King)

    Blaze up, and let's smoke 'til we hazed up
    What you drinkin'? Lemonade or Henny straight up?
    Super-high motherfucker, nigga, Wake Up
    And cop a bag of that good shit

    Eh-yo, dis that shit, nigga, one pull and pass
    Smoke 'til ya lungs collapse and hit ya ass
    'Dro, evergreen, ever seen seeds?
    No, you never seen trees like these
    Budded, with the crystal studded
    I'm blunted with the pistol, shut it
    Keep smokin' *inhales* super-high nigga
    I'm rhino real, fifty sack of that good shit
    From the hood shit
    Got the Remy on my side 'til death do us
    Eyes low, breath smellin' like hydro
    I'm high yo, up in the Tahoe bumpin' Faith
    Keep gats like G's son, just in case
    Blackjack Las Vegas, we puff Garcia Vegas
    High outta my mind, forgot what today is
    It's Bo King blunted, chokin' on the Arizona
    Smoke screen effects, smell the green marijuana *inhale*


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    Dope ass track I never heard before. Found this joint when I was looking up Armored Truck.

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    This is my shit right here, gonna be bumpin this crazy bjork sample all week.

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    One good turn deserves another coz I never heard this. Very nice indeed (though for someone who has recntly quit weed after many years - damn!!!!). But a great track - I'm gonna try and find an MP3!

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    If you do, post link plz.

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