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Thread: Mr. OnSomeOtherShits - Track Review

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    Default Mr. OnSomeOtherShits - Track Review

    Mr. OnSomeOtherShits

    Methods of Mayhem


    Scott Humphrey, Tommy Lee


    The blade is much colder
    Slaughterhouse, lava shit, boilin' point
    Multi rocky, mountain cocky
    Guitar string, four star ninja claw to the jaw
    Of course, you know the force
    The war bring, cuts sting, before I snub nose 'em
    Cement toes 'em to the death, decor'
    Scuff 'em some more then I hose 'em down some more
    The Braveheart slave, whirlwind, all in the all
    I might trip, slip or stagger
    Yo, but I won't fall, iron body be my hobby
    Bendin' you bastards, by a rhythm, fly sold now
    Blowin' a gasket, shell toe, elbow slow
    Gun-hold pro', Methods of Mayhem
    Mantis, bury your face in the canvas
    Quick, then I vanish
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    It's a decent interlude, or whatever the hell they used it as..

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