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Thread: I Do Agree With Allen Iverson And Some Other NBA Players That...........

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    Cornrows should be banned from the NBA.

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    That's some bullshit! Suit and Tie?! LOL These are sportmen dammit , that ain't no profession to be wearing suit and ties!

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    wearing a suit is a form of respect, it's classy and it looks mature and civilised. Wearing baggy clothes makes you look like an uneducated fool, especially when you add the big jews... anyways its '010 nobody wears baggy shit, if there wasnt any dress code they would still come to the game well dressed in armani, gucci or some other expensive shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by check two View Post
    Cornrows should be banned from the NBA.
    nah that would be stupid cause then where to you draw the line where the haircut is fine? would birdman be able to wear hair gel?

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    I totally agree with everyone said. The NBA is a business. People shouldn't come to work with their pants hanging off their ass.
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