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Thread: New Rza Link

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    Default New Rza Link

    I bumped into this on a kung fu site, if you seen it already my bad


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    Default Re: New Rza Link

    Yeah I've read the interview already.............Great interview by the way.
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    amazing interview, insight on the knowledge of the RZA.

    "On Shaolin versus the ninja...

    They made a movie called Shaolin challenges the Ninja where Gordon Liu fights the karata; it's the Wu Tang sword versus the ninja sword. Wu Tang sword wins because the Japanese thrust is a thrust; in kung-fu your mind must follow your energy, your energy must follow your blow. So when you strike a hard blow and you miss, your energy is over there. Whereas the Wu Tang sword is the wrist to the tip, it's like a whip, even if you miss, you're still right here. I think that means something."

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