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Thread: My Piano - Track Review

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    Default My Piano - Track Review

    My Piano

    Hi-Teknology³: Underground - Hi-Tek

    Ghostface killah




    Yeah, yo, they wonder why I play my piano
    Why I stay low-key, why I'm always in the studio
    Heh, that's what I do, you playing with the game
    I play my piano... yeah

    Is it the love for the money or the love for the game?
    Is it the love from the honeys or the love for the chains?
    Is it because, most of these little niggaz is wack?
    Or because the game is yelling "Bring that real shit back"?
    Is it because of the limelight I'm just trying to be famous?
    Is it cuz the game dying and I'm just trying to save it?
    Maybe I'm just successful, so much I won't be cool with 'em
    Maybe it's because I'm crazy, just in love with my music



    They wonder why I play my piano
    You can't deny it if it's in you
    Get that money, that moniero
    Wait any longer, it will stress you

    (Ghostface Killah)

    Ayo, flying threw the Aspens in Claiborne glasses
    Burning a Churchill, a bad bitch dumping the acid
    It's Bailey's on ice with big straws
    Monterey boxers gleaming while the twin gloss stuck to my drawers
    Jadakiss baldy with chicks on me, bricks on me
    French/German murder, Swiss Army, you can never snitch on me
    I'm too strong, I'm spinning my web, across town
    In rough places and black alleys, getting that bread
    If I get broke I'll sell slabs of soap
    Beach bags of smoke, told y'all I don't fuck with Tone Loc
    This is a Staten Island thing, you could ask Salah Edin
    We wilding without Deck while we become very violent
    Until then, I play the piano
    Luciano on the base, Mariano on the block with the sage
    I'ma grind 'til my seeds is gray
    Still young when I'm eighty, pop in Cialis and fuck all day *Huh*



    Got the hood jumping, Champion sweats
    Nike Flight suit, boots on, 'bout to put in and then jet
    Streets love killas, brothers with swords
    Suede front, spraying pumps, lobbies where the losses is brought
    New shotties for the youngsters
    Got trees, sit in the weeds, white T's on looking for Munsters
    Everybody punched in, it's lunchtime
    Look at the line, yo I molded this design
    My gunsmiths? *gun cocks*
    We carry two four-fives, trooper tired
    But got that gun that shoot stupid fire
    Bagging up work, I'm back on the Earth
    About to make something happen fast, put a stack in my shirt
    Yo, all the covers you could hear
    Monster status, yeah, year of the great ones, a griz bear
    Make mines, you know a nigga rip lines
    It's part of the character, but other than that yo I'm on bitch time

    [Chorus x2]


    Yeah, jump up, hang down, nigga, Staten...
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    I wish we had more beats like this. Hi-Tek shows up, more of less to collect royalties, since his rhymes are blown out of the water by Ragu.

    Rae is great on this, but Ghost steals the show. One of Ghost's best verses in recent years; theres a reason Memory Man picked it for Cuban Revolution. So many quotables in this one its nuts:

    "This is a Staten Island thing, you could ask Salah Edin
    We wilding
    without that gwap while we become very violent"

    Ghost dances on here. 5 stars.

    Rae signing my CL2 in the Bronx

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