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Thread: War Face (Ask Fi War) [Remix] - Track Review

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    Default War Face (Ask Fi War) [Remix] - Track Review

    War Face (Ask Fi War) [Remix]

    My Xperience - Bounty Killer

    Bounty Killer



    (Bounty Killer, *Raekwon*)

    Well ain't I a risin' star, lord have mercy
    *Yo let me get that Dutch master*
    Wit Bounty Killer and Raekwon
    *This goes for the Jamaican niggas*
    Lord have mercy, violent, violent, violent
    *New York to Jamaica yo*
    Never stop until I sing, me sing, me sing, huh


    (Bounty Killer)

    War! and no type of thing is sky pagin', rappers are preachin'
    And them girl know, there is nobody in this world, 'til I step in
    Raekwon, done skill 'em, and then serve on
    Gun shot at my car, and he boy, scared, well

    (Bounty Killer)

    New York, say I, wonder if one day that
    So many of them say that, dem want war
    Me offer five to five skills, and then I submit
    So penalty now, give in, they want the lucky charms
    Gun shotter, park on them, me, boy
    Scared, jungle this, them haunts the war, but not them get this
    Then they wonder why, so them count the penny
    45 must skill and pop all the Henny
    War you can't storm me like him Louis bent it
    Gun shotter drop the nine hard, and he hold it
    Lick off the pants fall down, we need wallets
    There's only one, rapper behind a nine, watch it
    War, them can't hold the Wu-Tang, we dones ratchet
    Watch it, hey me gun gon' lock like the rocket
    Be fly, up in me, gun spark, like the market
    You tuba in your boat, and then you like to hold it



    Yo! Relax your soul like Clarks from England
    These terrorists brothers is back, gun cocked, wit their jewelry swingin'
    Collabo on, we get laced in the Avalon
    Runnin' the Dutch, my marathon, Don carried on
    These scandalous brothers, we trample this
    They can get lamped wit this, Bounty and Chef, don't even sample this
    A loner, a shark tie your brother up on a
    Pass the Corona, what's the science Bounty?
    All they knew, he was wit Shaolin now
    Police be wildin', you know, so we was splurgin' it, Virgin Islands
    It's Mediterranean, lady try to play me then
    Came wit a man, he had a Ruger, he's Arabian
    He had an accent, plus his back was bent
    I'm on the corner as he pressured up wit black tints


    (Bounty Killer)

    I, wonder if one day that
    So many of them say that, they want war
    Me offer five to five skills, and then I submit
    So penalty now, give in, they want the lucky charms
    Gun shotter, park on them, me, boy
    Scared, welcome


    Diamonds, come and walk wit me, gun point emotionally
    Playin' me close like he supposed to be
    He looked at 18, word to my son
    He was a paid fiend, gettin' money in Jamaica, Queens
    Lex' keys fell out my pocket, yo, dun, he cocked it
    Ready to blaze me like a sky rocket
    Suddenly stunned, dun dropped the gun
    So now it's over, now I'm slidin' in a Rover wit one
    We stay trifler, rude boys buildin' in the ghetto cypher
    A year from now I buy my bitch a tiger


    (Raekwon *Bounty Killer*)

    Word up, no infiltrators, only Wally gators
    *Gun shotter, park on them, me, boy*

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    The inner liner says something along the lines of - thanks to Raekwon for lyrical madness. He's not wrong.

    I like the Wu when they do Reggae - but this is hardcore Reggae in the style of Bring Da Ruckus. I love this track.

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    word this shit is crazy nice, i actually like this better than Killarmy's version.. as New Hills said RZA made some mean reagge flavoured shit back in the days, the other Bounty Killer remix RZA made with Masta Killa is crazy too. real dark, grimey shit. damn I wish RZA made up with his sampler again.

    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

    r.i.p. Johan D, Kaddu, Ricke a.k.a. "Slick Rick" and the rest of the fallen soldiers - you'll never be forgotten!

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