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Thread: Eyes A Bleed (remix) - Track Review

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    Default Eyes A Bleed (remix) - Track Review

    Eyes A Bleed (remix)

    Big Blunts - Various

    Wu-Chronicles Chapter 2

    Masta Killa
    Bounty Killer



    (Bounty Killer)

    Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!
    Lord have mercy, when we love herbalistic, ah
    This ones very enthusiastic because the world
    say dem want it, ices and freezes
    them plant it and them chant it


    (Bounty Killer)

    Smell the weed until me eyez a dem bleed
    If I can't get the chronic, have a kill a lead
    At last all de skunk, and smoke everybody trees
    and many weed because we all gon' freeze, police
    Smell the weed and nah swarm me like bees
    Dem nah get the stinkin' trouble, leaf fortify the seed
    Wealthy for the weed, dem have a personal greed
    At last all the skunk gon' get me dem pleased

    (Bounty Killer)

    I ask, who gonna be my sponser?
    Set up this argument, said they must legalize ganja
    Believe a know me ask yet me nah get a me answer
    The government she gon' risk and legalize cancer
    I heard, give ya mouth bad boy dere
    Son hold dem self a legalize, less nah the quota
    Jamaica was brand as the land of ganja
    Ya all ya colts a leave a Colombia


    (Masta Killa)

    Wu-Tang sound control America
    One operator, one selector
    Wu-Tang sound control America
    One operator, one selector

    Those unaware would not knowledge the square
    I linger in the air like smoke, but I'm there
    Hard to detect yourself
    When you can't see clear through the rapid feed
    Them call a weed? Original ganja plant, dem bare seed
    The aroma, got my callin' my collect, I need a donor
    to lace me with pounds from Arizona
    The elusive, Bounty and the Masta exclusive
    Many entertainer want the chance to bust
    but it's only with the Gods I trust, do I puff?
    Burnin' bush from in front hoe, lampin' on the Bay of Montego
    to a far wind, bringin' wallabee Clark's to the starvin'
    There's no escapin' the sound clash
    Gun fire shot, I make it hot as sun splash


    [repeat Bounty Killer verse]


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    I'm more of a Capleton guy myself.

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    love the beat & Masta Killa verse, voted: classic

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    classic rza beat.. nice masta beat.. banga

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    The beat alone makes it a classic but I gave it a 3 cos I thought it was just too short.

    "I pledge allegiance to the hip hop"
    Method Man

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    Classic 90's Wu sound going on over here.

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    grity beat jus how it should be

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