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Thread: Tease - Track Review

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    Default Tease - Track Review


    Tical 0 : The prequel

    Method Man

    No I.D.


    (Method Man)

    Now that I got you in the mood, it's way past time
    You should do, cuz I'm the best thing since cooked food
    Holla at your frog, I be at the Lilly pad, near the log
    And let me drop it off in them drawers
    Baby doll, her gooders were sugar walls
    That talk back to ya, like "Nigga, you should of called"
    Word, the kid got a thing for big curves
    Might find him down on Sesame Street with Big Birds
    Big pimpin', all thangs is all game
    So fine with her beautiful mind, she all brain
    A head doctor, get it poppin' like Reddenbacher
    Chicks call me Gravel Pit dick, the bed rocker
    Big John Studd'er, muthafuck who fuck motha
    Got you covered like Magnum XL rubber
    Easy, does ya, but we never love her
    Get down for the get down, girls, throw up your W's, oh!

    [Chorus x2]


    Give me one reason to stop, teasin'
    Cuz I know you got good sex for me
    Tell me what comes next for me

    (Method Man)

    Hey ladies, aw, baby, y'all all crazy
    And freaks for some grade A meat, it's all gravy
    From sun down to sun up, I stay on the bone
    Like I'm creepin' on the come up, get it, got it, I'm gone
    Now I got hun, ridin' shotgun, windows half way done, cuz she a hot one
    Love it when them chicks, pop shit, and pop gum
    My team cuttin', but we ain't cuffin', finger fuckin', everything cluckin'
    Baby, I'm frost bitten, iceberg slimmin', the black women
    When Three's Company, ass pigeon, who Jack trippin'
    Man listen, money slippin', is honey dippin'
    And if she come up missin', don't worry, she wear pimpin'
    You gotta be, down with the cause, before you come down with the drawers
    How many of y'all down with menage?
    Let's make this understood, if it's three A.M., then all to the good
    It don't matter if she hood or she Hollywood, oh!

    [Chorus x4]

    What do you expect from me?
    I know it from false promises, and love and affection *That's good ma'*
    There's somethin' about you, that's got me goin' *uh-huh*
    But is it worth, not knowin' if, you're gonna be around *yeah yeah now*

    (Method Man)

    Now, now, who the fuck is your daddy, and who your king, girl?
    Are you unhappily married? Don't see no ring, girl
    Soul sister, can't get ya, the hell with ya
    At the Player's Ball, Cinderella lost her Chanel slipper
    Now that's flavor, neighbor, shake what your momma gave ya
    Who stickin' moves like Layla? Call you manana, later
    I love the misbehavior, no minor, miss you major
    No finer chick can fade ya, God bless the bitch that made ya

    [Chorus x2]


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    A few more listens has convinced me it's not completely horrible, it still pretty much sucks though...

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    Killer Bob claaa7's Avatar
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    lol yeah this is some horrible shit if i remember correctly, you would think a Meth/No ID collabo would be illy but this was actually one of the weakest songs on a weak album. the whole shit was totally out of Method Man's lane. do we need more proof that Sean "Puffy" Combs should never be allowed to go near a Wu-Tang album again?

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    ^^^Yea but he did add the Biggie sample to All I Need and that was pretty dope.

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    I agree - not as bad as I remembered it to be.

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