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Thread: Older Gods part 2 - Track Review

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    Default Older Gods part 2 - Track Review

    Older Gods part 2

    Made in Brooklyn

    Masta Killa
    Allah B.
    Allah Sha Sha
    Popa Wu
    Quadeer U Allah

    Pete Rock


    Popa Wu *Quadeer U Allah* #Allah B.#

    Yo God, I got the top to, yo, God, Quadeer, I got the top to the liquor
    Yeah, yeah, y'all, yeah, peace to all, peace to the Gods
    Yeah, peace to the Goods, up here, chilling with Jamel Irief
    Allah, yeah, we all up in here just chilling, we try'nna get it right ya'll
    Yeah yeah yeah Allah Sha Sha, I see you
    Allah B, Freedom Allah, Freedom Born, yeah
    Yo, yo Quadeer what's up baby? U hahah
    Yeah, we gon' drop the science on 'em real fast, you know how we do
    *Yo, Free, I remember back in the days God* yeah
    *When individuals that didn't know they math wasn't allowed to come outside
    You remember them days?*
    Yeah, God, man.. you know what we had to do, God
    They all forgot that had to make them show and prove, to dawn it, shadow of doubt
    #To show and prove that everything was real, we had to teach it in it's test
    In order to make a seed grow, you got to constantly water it
    And that water was the knowledge that we had, through extensive research
    We obtained, and we what, gave it to the young#
    *Yeah, God, you know that
    See Allah, Allah believes that if you taught nine people
    And that nine people taught nine people, and that nine people taught nine people
    Then guess what?* That's right

    (Masta Killa)

    Let the track wind, and your mind flow free
    The main conscience on this ride, to your best ability
    Infinity, back to the source in which it came
    Energy, see it change forms, atoms being born, never ending
    On and on and on, and, travel with me
    Not trying to convince the pact, that it's a fact
    For those who can adapt, I lived it, seated it back
    We have agreed, you feel the impact of the truth, and I squeeze
    The brain, 'til something pop, hip hop, glocks and tech, fat checks
    Fly whip chicks, fresh kicks, freshly fitted crown
    Button down, open white tee, underneath lies the four pound
    Forty five minutes I'm menacing, dismantling, any M.C.
    Opponent, stepping in the zone, get your face blown


    (Allah B.)

    I would like to let y'all know the History
    Of how the First Borns began
    Allah Met Messiah Allah Met Bisme Allah
    Allah Met Prince Allah Allah Met Uhuru
    Allah Met Akbar Allah Met Kaheem
    Allah Met ABG Who was Billal at the time
    Allah Met Al-Jamil Allah Met Salaam
    And that's Three Elders that dealt with this Knowledge with him
    And these Three Elders was First Born Justice Who was Akbar
    He had Shahid and He had Eubeka
    Along wit each 12
    We became the 13th Men from 12 Disciples
    I like to let y'all know from my Perspective
    That the Mathematics was Revealed to us by Almighty God Allah
    He gave us One and Nine, and A to Z

    (Masta Killa)

    When I speak into the weak and to warn them, y'all should surely die
    Fucking with I, stealing telling lies
    The Masta, the original man, home and abroad
    The slaughter stay justice, reward is the price of freedom
    Some bled, they killed Fred Hampton in bed
    Penalties to enemies, couldn't must, and precede up in they head
    Show and prove, make the mountain move
    We build with the MC skill, drop math, nothing grafted
    Crafted, mastered for the people, them
    Sway to the rhythm if you feeling what I'm giving is real
    True and living, iron pole, microphone steel
    Built from prisonment, big business for government official
    Address the issue, blow the whistle
    You take on face value, how fast the light travel
    Swine poison animal eaters, and wife beaters
    Savage and pursuit, false move I'll shoot
    Blast you, back to a gas, you can't last
    In the square, with the truth


    (Allah Sha Sha)

    And that's Peace God
    It always comes back to Knowledge
    And that Knowledge is our Foundation
    And the Foundation of all Life emanated from Allah - The Father
    Manifested himself as a true and livin' God
    Throughout Eternity - or even time Immortal
    Man has always been God - 'Fore we under Supreme Being
    Manifested and Taught by Almighty God Allah

    (Masta Killa)

    Another star child is born, straight from divine
    Before there was time, somebody had to wind the clock
    And there I stood, with the body of the universe
    No religion, just universal law
    With self existence, everything right and exact
    Universal Flag tagged up in your head piece
    Irief, Chief of the Cheesaw, raw uncut
    Every line we toke...

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    A complete embarassment

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    Are U Watching Closely? 11th Chamber's Avatar
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    One of the worst Wu songs ever

    One of the worst Pete Rock beats ever

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    ^^^ Yea, I was wondering, what does a person shell out for a beat this bad? I mean do you pay the guy in hookers and beer or what?

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    I know sampled it from MF Doom, I think I heard it before on Madvillainy or Mm Food

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    dreadful. Really really bad. A good call for a Wednesday!

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    aka Dun Jones BGS's Avatar
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    hahaha i didn't even know that mk spits some verses on this track...i was never able to listen more than to the first few seconds of this track!! horrible!! didn't he recycle that verse on 8 diagrams??

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    ^^probably cuz he realized nobody listened to it on here LOL

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