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Thread: NHL referee is accused of calling unjust penalties because of a vendetta

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    Default NHL referee is accused of calling unjust penalties because of a vendetta

    a few weeks ago, alex burrows allegedly faked being hurt which caused referee stephane auger to call a penalty against the opposing team. now burrows is accusing auger of calling penalties that didn't happen because auger said he made him look stupid. burrows claims that auger came to him before the game and told him that he would get even.

    alex burrows accusing the referee...

    and the "penalties"

    this is the interference call where he barely even touched a guy

    here they call diving which is rarely ever called...

    p.s. check 2, the nba ref had a separate thread, so i thought i could make one here too.

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    yeah thats terrible. Refs have so much power and their egos, money, or grudges just get in the way of sports these days. I cannot watch some college bball games cause the refs are despicable.

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    even though i don't watch hockey i feel for the guy ... refs are faggits

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    That Diving Penatly Was Weak I'm Not Suprised Avery Gets Destroyed And Cant Draw A Penatly. But If He Makes Any Contact With Anyone Its Whistled. It Hasnt Been As Bad Recently But When He First Came Back To The Rangers After His Sloppy Seconds Interview It Was Bad.
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