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Thread: Free Movie Tickets for 1 Year!

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    Default Free Movie Tickets for 1 Year!

    Free Movie Tickets for 1 Year!

    * GO once a week for a year - For FREE !
    * Available at major theaters near you !
    * NO restrictions ! See any movie at any time
    * A $500 Value - Yours FREE !

    CHECK HERE : Link

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    Default Re: Free Movie Tickets for 1 Year!

    just save ur stubs from the last movie...and just walk on in...the never check it...also if u go to to the movies and some one is short with cash....and 2 peeps buy a ticket...go in sit down and give one of the guys ur stub go back out and give it to ur friend who is short on cash..

    i do it every time some one is short on cash .....easy

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