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Thread: Black Trump - Track Review

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    Default Black Trump - Track Review

    Black Trump

    The Rude Awakening - Cocoa Brovaz





    Guess whoís the black trump


    I had to get some real professionals for the job, son
    *numerous cats* word up
    *thatís right* official niggas word up
    *this is what you call * straight blazin' through what
    Raise the roof is what we came to do *like hash browns*
    Blazin' through, blazin' through *pass that African black gold over here*
    Raise the roof is what we came to do
    Blazin' through, blazin' through *you know how we rock*
    Raise the roof is what we came to do *Smif-n-Wess n Lex set up shop*


    Attack mode, time to strike like a cobra
    Poisonous venom into your system killin' you slower
    Than niggas wit blowers to your jugular
    My brotherís keeper but I put my brother to sleep
    If my brother try to creep up
    You know my son, show respect when Iím rockin' the podium
    Steam-rollin' on niggas, my team straight blowin' 'em
    Got em throwin' they guns in the air like Onyx
    Chef and Smif-n-Wessun crime shit, New Yorkís finest


    Let me warn yíall killas upstairs
    I seen all yíall, heavy like fuck, thinkin' my niggas might flaw yíall
    Blow ya ammo, Shallah seen the God fly commando
    Handle, gun on my leg, blow his hand off
    Iím lookin' at you why, like fuck, you probably think Iím high
    Seems luck, chain around my neck, bought it from Egypt
    Me what? Hennesy drink, mahogany guns, we treezed up
    Come out your shirt, buckle knees-up
    This Casablanca rap nigga throw some cheese up
    Letís polly, slow-mo status, bring the keys up
    Wonderin', runners is lookin' mighty feezed up
    Right stupid, FBI sell em cheese guns


    Make this money, niggas hold up guns
    Armed full of licks, plus your dick, drop your ones
    Baby need new shoes and a outfit
    I see you stick-up kids, you came wit the dick lick
    You see my set of twin-hitmen from Bushwick?
    Two chicks wit the twenty-two tecs, bitch
    You heard about em
    Now open up the circle so the dice can breathe
    Pay you double, if you triple, if you push you pay me


    Gotta poly wit ya crew to stack ya loot up
    Get your weight up, big up, pull ya boots up
    If you step into the club wit your guns up
    If the tensionís on your mind then raise the roof up
    You gotta keep it in the fam, stack ya loot up
    Get your weight up, big up, pull ya boots up
    When you step into the club wit ya guns up
    If the tensionís on your mind, then raise the roof up
    Raise the roof up, raise the roof up
    Never before we came to raise the roof up
    Raise the roof up, raise the roof up
    Still in all we came to raise the roof up


    minolta flash


    gun in the stash


    rollin for moí hash


    tek, why you slap fire out em, hold fast


    these niggas gotta pay the hard way


    three the hard way


    allah swingin on em like a san diego padre


    You heard what the God say, letís start this
    Professional marksman, swimmin' like killa sharks
    We lethal and heartless
    On point like a dart, bitch
    Bomb your camp if you want this
    Connect wit convicts on some don shit


    And spread the camouflage cats to get the money in stat
    Go to war like Sadaam if he pushes you that
    Keep his movements discreet when he out in the streets
    Had to stash built to high heat for those who creep


    Ha, peep the ghetto bastards
    Run in your crib like two masked men
    I run wit a tec, and we ainít askin', we blastin'
    Chef brought the extra cannon from Staten
    Rhyme official live broadcastin', makin' it happen


    You gotta make power moves, black guns and cash rules
    Hold my eight straight cuz I been payin' dues
    Wave king from way back tryin' to make a mill stack
    Miami money cats that leave you layin' down flat



    Itís on again
    Word up, put your hands down
    Word up, this shit is multi
    Yíall gonna see it, word up
    Smif, Wess, Lex
    *the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire*
    From the projects, phony projects
    *we donít need no water, like the cocoa bís burn
    gotta poly wit your crew to stack ya loot up
    get ya weight up, big up, pull ya boots up
    when you step into the club wit the guns up
    if the tensionís on your mind, then raise the roof up*
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    This is the long awaited Boot Camp Clik/Wu Tang Clan collaboration fans had been waiting for and it did not disappoint; this was one of the last B.C.C./Wu songs to be have heavy rotation on Hot 97. I remember Jermaine Dupri was a guest host on Hot 97 one afternoon and even he gave this song props. People used to blast this in their whips all the time also around here. The Heltah Skeltah and Method Man collaboration that came after this was ill also.

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    Black Trump is a hard song and I was watching the video today. Props to Smif and Wessun for sampling Raekwon's Incarcerated Scarfaces song when he said guess who's the black trump. I was very disappointed in Smif and Wessun's The Rude Awakening album because of bad beats. I only liked about 3 songs and Black Trump was one of them LOL. That sucks that they had to change their name to Cocoa Brovaz because they had a lawsuit against them by the gun company who sells smith and Wesson. I wonder how they were able to get Smif and Wessun name back because they changed their name back to that after The Rude Awakening album.

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