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Thread: Tru Master - Track Review

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    Default Tru Master - Track Review

    Tru Master

    Soul Survivor - Pete Rock

    Inspectah Deck
    Pete Rock

    Pete Rock

    (Inspectah Deck)

    Your highness, live from the bricks, one six
    Pete Rock bang your head, break the drumsticks
    Verbal assault, rhymes rippin' through the mix
    Specialist, with the smash hits, catchin' flicks
    Savagely attack this, clash with, accurate aim
    Spark the flame, burn this and pop a vein
    Ride tracks like the Soul Train, hold ya brain
    in the state of shock, make em drop, it's a cold game
    I bang with the big boys, those who hold name
    Amateurs get hung with they own gold chains
    I swing blades, best bring grenades against
    a Tru Master, way beyond your freshman attempts
    Spin rounds on the floor, evidence of the war
    It's on 'til the death 'til we settle the score
    You can never measure, to the standard, of the most
    popular demanded, rap classics
    Pop corks while the style knock your socks off
    Ghetto summer jam's got the street blocked off
    Plots to knock me off get stopped short
    Armed with my thoughts, move the world with an unknown force


    (Pete Rock)

    Ayo, we had the bass pound speakers, shell toed Adidas *right*
    Original rap with new school leaders *true*
    Graffiti art names with fat gold chains
    Shock the world cousin, while hip-hop remains


    (*Jeru*, #Parrish Smith#, **O.C.**, ##Notorious BIG##)

    *I'm a true master, you can check my credentials*
    #Master in the MC field#
    **Master, preacher, poet, a teacher**
    ##From the master.. from the master##

    (Pete Rock)

    Yo I drop jewels like hail, rap rides the third rail
    Transmit def styles with sign language and braille
    In hot pursuit of Donald Trump rap loot
    Produce what you feel with Navy Seal mic troops
    Sergeant S-P, slaughter, Pete Rock of Gibraltar
    Miraculous lyrics that tread water
    A rap nigga, show respect, write rhymes that connect
    Collaborate, break bread with Kurupt and Deck
    Keep my feet blessed, fresh with the Scottie Pippen's
    In the game of life, I play all positions
    Stop look and listen, total package, yes a true master
    Produce rhymes, sing and hit faster
    The master of the game, solo artist by name
    Paint the masterpiece that lies inside the frame
    Passionate bright colors, the number one Soul Brother
    All eyes on us, guard your grill and take cover




    I'm the epicenter of this natural disaster
    I'm disastrous with stashes, cold and hot flashin'
    Masters of self, a whole carload of explosives
    like Zorro your host is
    death with the intellect from wizards to warlocks
    I'm sore ock, I'm raw ock with four glocks, smallpox
    More ways to get paid, more ways to display
    More rhymes to say, more AK's to spray
    God is good growin' up in the hood
    Done some things bad, done some things good
    Me and Pete is like rhymes to chemicals, clash
    Atom bombs to mustard gas
    We hit the scene, I break ya, take ya to a whole different scene
    AR-15's and beams
    Got em jumpin' like I swallowed a gang of jumpin' beans
    Explode and reload, we dumps machines
    Radical in war, Kurupt's a mad star
    I'm a hard dog, raw dog, hog with the gold paw
    Dogg Pound Gangstaz D.P.G.
    I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta D.P.G.
    I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta D.P.G.
    Inspectah Deck and Kurupt and Pete Rock to drop the beat

    [samples #2]

    (*KRS-One*, #Method Man#)

    *Masters of art*
    #Be the sharpest motherfucker
    with the beats, with the rhymes#

    Check this out...

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    aaaaahhhh hell yeah, this is my shit!!! classic cut!!!

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    The video for this song was one of the most original things I had seen in a long time; the track itself is ill.

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    Tru Master song is good and props to Pete Rock for sampling Jeru The Damaja's Come Clean song, EPMD's So Whatcha Sayin song, OC's My World song and Notorious Big's Unbelievable song. I got Pete's Soul Survivor album that has this song. Kurupt's lyrics sucked LOL. Props to Pete for saying keep my feet blessed fresh with the Scottie Pippens.

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