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Thread: Crocodile Smile - Track Review

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    Default Crocodile Smile - Track Review

    Crocodile Smile

    The Worst of the Best of Copywrite

    Planet Asia

    Count 5th, Jay-Notes



    Yeah, uh, uh, uh, yeah, you know what
    Uh, uh, uh, you know what, C-Dub, U-God, Planet A-a-a-a-Asia
    Yeah, the O-Dot/Wu-Tang collabo, Midwest to the west coast
    You know, back to the east coast, here we go


    Top five, dead or alive, in heaven with God
    Wherever you find, veteran, I'm never in sight
    Triple Tupperware, double platinum, or bubble wrapping
    Those unaware will shit their underwear for comin' at them
    I'm the tenth wonder of the world, stay under with your girl
    Her fume was supposed to cover, her room was supposed to mother
    So I presume to both want it up in both their stomachs
    With the same rubber, then switch and let them lick each others cummings
    The illiterate one, illegitimate son of Attila the Hun
    Killing the drums while I'm spittin' my ones
    Your baby sitter hired, I let the kids admire
    While I'm out getting higher than Richard Pryor in the kitchen fire
    You say you spittin' fire, frickin' liar
    Let the technicality be spittin' fire water while you flick a lighter
    You see me? Please, I'm nice as fuck
    So sink your teeth in the PCP and bite the dust


    Yo, yo, dangerous, glamorous, chrome hammers I bust
    Crush you for real, the Man of Steel will never rust
    Smoke the double dutch, get your Benz bubble touched
    I spend to much time in the cut creating
    Turn it up, gangsta strut, pull up the station
    Dance song sensation, back from vacation
    Patiently waiting to throw you up in the trance
    Extravagant lifestyle, where my audience
    It makes more sense to play it loud
    The essential crowd pleaser, black Caesar from the Nile
    The alligator feet on, crocodile smile
    At the top of the pile, guess who dropped in?
    Come out the corner, fighting baby when I'm boxed in
    Your eyes on the marksmen, slacks, baby shark skin
    Rapping like Sharpton, arrested with charges
    Smash bottles on boats, baby baby bon voyages

    (Planet Asia)

    Check out the autobiographies
    Of real niggas in the field, killin' ya colonies
    Once a product of the genocide of mental psychology
    And torture, killed by a culture with no apologies
    Fuck it, ayo I'm back on the grind again
    Hand to hand hustle, and I work with the scientists
    You fake niggas lookin' like snakes in a lions den
    Flows colder then Iceland, deadly
    My dialect's heavy with murder medleys
    That's word to the Steady Gang, got my gold chain, military, we pick the berries
    It's like I'm back for the honor
    Do the math, it's universal, God warrants match your knowledge
    Flow's crack regardless, from fat stacks to them greenbacks
    I train hard and rap the hardest
    The bravest, medallions murder, yeah, we on out of here
    Battlin' niggas for earnings, serving up you cavalry

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    This is pretty dope, Copywrite is sick on this.

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