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Thread: Verbal Slaughter - Track Review

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    Default Verbal Slaughter - Track Review

    Verbal Slaughter

    The Last Shall Be First - The Dwellas

    Inspectah Deck




    Phantasm, I'm about to set it Every time I spit shit (x2)

    It's funny how fast we forget y'all bastards
    ain't mastered the S.T.D.'s, we out-lasted this, ever climb my seat
    Dwellas time to shine and eat, in '99 y'all can't compete
    Loud Records here, we run the streets, with Wu
    Big Pun and Infamous, Pete Rock and Dwellas, son get in to this
    Ever since a teen I've been plottin' for CREAM
    Ain't nothin' stoppin' my dream of us, lockin' the scene
    But yea, finally we capitalizin
    Off the robbin', it's surprisin' how we livin'
    Read your new horizon's, analyzin' mastermindin' combinin'
    With the best, enterprisin' still shinin' and climbin'
    Fuck the rest, tryin' hard to maintain it
    While you get it up to anus, like Craig
    Lou Gaines, talkin' 'bout you rich and famous
    I keep the stainless steel, and one shot, one kill
    Don't make mistakes sales kid for skills for real


    (Inspectah Deck)

    Ruffneck, Inspectah Deck's on the set
    The maker, owner, plus soul controller

    Yo, I rock for block niggas, young bucks and brolic pigeons
    Politickin' with the globe and exchange the cop britches
    Dynamic vocal, expand global, ran locals off the avenue
    You brand new cats can never handle
    The one man brigade known to raid the airwaves
    Write rhymes for survival, nines bleedin' the page
    The rap attacks like mystic magic, with tragic results
    Electrifyin', imagine the volt
    Burn tracks like Pirelli, this unchained melody
    trapped inside your memory, may cause a felony
    The antidote for the wack volts you blow
    Rap pro, holdin' too much weight to overthrow


    I freak the ill shit, U-G The scientist pack appliances
    I freak the ill shit, U-G Smash minds in half

    Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
    Verbal slaughter, rap skills kill like orca
    Quick to off ya and float off like flyin' saucers
    My rhyme tortures, leavin' cats beggin' for life
    Third leg in your wife
    Sharp like the nails that punctured the palms of Christ
    When I write rhymes
    I slice lines that'll leave ya dome froze like white lines
    Shorten your life sign, son I strike minds, crackin' your vertebrae
    I murdered you to run around, showin' the tank
    Like Ol' Dog, get it menace, rap chemist
    Back in this, never slack in this, slap the shit out of rap niggas
    For playin' the role, don't give a fuck if you platinum or gold


    Word up, man
    Y'all motherfuckers really don't know what this hip-hop's about

    (Inspectah Deck)

    Yo, yo
    Yes yes y'all, I bless ya, hit ya like a wreckin' ball
    Steppin' tall, wettin' all hoods
    Supplier with the goods like cartels in Spain
    While your autopsy shows hemorrhage to your brain
    Standin' close range will leave ya eardrums in flame
    Darts lightin' up the charts with sharpshooter aim
    This Uncontrolled Substance can't be contained
    with the blood of battle, I remain stained


    Deep B-I-Z, skateboard, eight-floor, lines to kill
    Shines the thrill, drop bombs to 'ville
    Collect hell of respect, cuz Dwellas and Deck
    keep you fellas in check, cuz they don't pose a threat
    You best control your set, told you, your whole crew will get
    ran through, when we stamp through, like the lamp dude
    cuz they strapped like bamboo, for those who oppose
    Thirty-eight snub-nose, tuck the forty below


    Yea, fuck what Willies wear, rap style like cans and Billy Bear
    48 Hours, verbal showers, get your rain-gear
    I reign here, you niggas be soft like reindeer
    Ain't nuthin' but pain here, fuckin' with me you sucker MC
    Like Run and 'em, pull a gun to them, punish men
    Stumblin' auctions, often, get lost in my own zone
    Slit your chromosomes, flows hard like stones from ancient Rome


    Violatin' straight up and down, man I'm sick of this shit
    Underground will live forever baby

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    The Dwellas after they dropped the Cella, same album title as Sunz of Man debut dropped 2 years earlier...

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