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Thread: Deuces - Track Review

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    Default Deuces - Track Review



    Kinetic 9




    Must be Achozen...


    Deuces is wild, this is pitty pat
    Two-two, with the triple fat goose
    You, you ain't never placed a bigger bet
    You, you ain't never seen a bigger threat

    [Chorus #2]

    Deuces is wild, getting milli' off a bag of illy
    Iced out, on the sand like a chilly willy
    You, you ain't never placed a bigger bet
    Deuces is wild, this a triple threat


    In the world that's been chosen, they come be Achozen
    Rising from the dead, over throw the opposing
    Forces of evil, controlling our people
    Deuces is wild, and the wisdom is lethal

    (Shavo Odadjian)

    4-22, stomping through, I can see you
    Strike a match, like the sun, watch the preview
    Life is a game, play war, don't refuse to
    Three is the few, and life we are true too


    (Kinetic 9)

    This is how I'm fully taught, fuck what you really though
    Nine milli' pops ya top, silly pop
    Like your colon cap, ice like the polar cap
    Jar of Israeli drop, so clash and feel me rap
    Yo phantom power, my answer will strike the power
    The truth is of what you write, and what y'all recite the power
    Is how I spit, my night to this very time, an hour
    With just a spec, of light, we shine, shine, shine, shine, shine


    Must be Achozen...
    Must be Achozen...
    Deuces is wild, this is pitty pat
    Deuces is wild, this is pitty pat



    You a force, I can see right through you
    We Achozen, we come here to free you
    So you can live in this world like we do
    Achozen few from the outclassed people


    [Chorus #2]


    Deuces is...
    Deuces is...
    Deuces is...
    Deuces is...
    Deuces is...

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    Prefer Immaculate - but this is ok. Well looking forward to this lp if.....

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    i like this concept...hardcore shit!!

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    hard as fuk, this is knock out stuff,love it

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