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Thread: Is it wrong to hit women?

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to hit women?

    I got 2 sisters anybody hit em thier blood gwon ooze, & they keep it gully 2, play it cool then gut you faggots like a pig, bet half these dudes would'nt do shit & get thier ass beat

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    Default Re: Is it wrong to hit women?

    IMO it is wrong to hit a woman for anything outside of self defense. My mother was hit by my father growing up and she really resented him for that of course. But she made it a point to make sure I didn't go that route for any reason. Plus I got 2 sisters that I know will beat my ass if I ever lay a hand on a female out of anger.

    BUT, if a bitch was tryin to kill me. I'ma have to kick her ass.
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