I have been kicked out of college.

It's a fucking piss take because i diden't do anything wrong, i dident poke the teachers ass when she dropped a pencil or anything.

The class was going down in the elevator all cramped up and sweaty and it was a awkward silent moment in a class of about 15 people, so i decided to break the sweaty ice.

I said "you know what by the end of this course i'm gonna add becky to facebook then meet her at a bar and prolly fuck her"

The class laughed and teased me for it "you cant get her, shes older then you blah blah"

(fair enough, i broke the silence and got faggits talking)

I replied with the statement "i'm a fucking stallion"

2 weeks passed then the docuebag head of visual arts took me to his office and took my college card and told me i have been banned for gross misconduct!

I asked him what i did, and he said that a student has complained about your behaviour and told your form tutor.

Some somalian whore told becky that i wanted to nail her, then becky put a restraining order against me and i got a fat slobby photographer as my new form tutor.

I got let back into college recently i was still with my normal class but got moved to a gay new form class with nerdy whiteboys and bithces with bi polar.

I couldent take seeing the somalians whores face in normal class the tension was too much i felt to strip her psychologically in front of the whole class, so i left before i started a war.

I also clicked that when we all started the course i told her she might possibly have a personality disorder after she acted like a crazy attention seeker, she looked at me dissaprovingly, i dont think she ever forgot that.

I searched for beckys facebook but she made it private.

How would you react to this situation if it happened to you?

Did i do the right thing? could you have survived in a class with that somalian whore without punching her?