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Thread: I got excluded from college for sexual harassment against a teacher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
    Honestly, yes. A simple funny joke would have been more appropriate in that environment. I understand where you're coming from but you have to understand that people WILL and ALWAYS be people.

    I think the chick waited two weeks to report you simply because either she thought about it too long, you weren't giving her any attention, or you and other people just got on her bad side. Certain people are like that.

    Just be careful.

    Yeah she was a sneaky whore.

    She had fucking 50 firneds on facebook at the start of college moved up to 70 during college, and ALL her wall posts and comments are from college friends, shes a fucking saddo who wanted to make a new social life and saw me as a blockade for her social acceptance.

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