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Thread: Bust a Slug (Remix) - Track Review

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    Default Bust a Slug (Remix) - Track Review

    Bust a Slug (Remix)

    Bust a Slug 12" - Wu-Syndicate

    Joe Mafia
    Ghostface Killah
    Ill Knob

    Smokin' Joe


    (Trigga of M.M.O.)

    We famous decorators
    Outlaws with the force, with the Money Makers
    Wu-Tang, when we bang, we be regulators
    Player haters can't play us, cuz the thugs obey us
    Bust a slug to save us

    (Joe Mafia)

    Straight missile, pulse gristle, snapper crime
    Poppin' tops off of Anaheim's, tropic refined
    Extorton' air time, imported from the Mason-Dixon Line
    Look at my frigid eyes, fake fucks describe
    Slap em paralyze, analyze the lies
    Kinetic, my word is all I have, slaughter trash
    Monster Mash, half ass on the war path
    Suffer land, give a fuck grand, crashin' the Pan Am
    My squad Van Dammed, this shit was sun tanned, VA so tanned
    without the Beanie rap, who? Houdini rap
    Mussolini stack, Lamborghini crash, kiss the Genie lamp
    Henney big, excellency, no fake shit, wrong recipe
    War specialty, meet the headless heat


    Yo, we made an oath for this self, fuck every black bitch raw
    Make a nation of culture teens, we takin culture back
    Takin books and read it, quote the right words
    Take your language back, black man it's your's
    If you read the way she smoke crack, she be the most high
    She settle for the most drunk and most fly
    Spendin 300 on cristal or pistol
    Fuckin dummy, you could've took ya bitch out

    (Ghostface Killah)

    Bottles goin' off in the church, we broke the wine
    Slapped the pastor, didn't know pops had asthma
    Pulled out his blue bible, chains fell out his coat
    3 condoms, 2 dice and 1 bag of dope
    Ooh, Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right
    Deacon is a pimp, you could tell by his ice
    Mother Parks said, Brother Starks, meet you at the number spot
    Heard you got red tops out, and I want a lot
    Girlie fainted dead on the spot
    2 ushers slipped $80 right out the pot
    Oh shit...

    (Ill Knob of K.G.B.)

    The K, the G, the B, Ill Knob bring the ruckus
    cuz I don't got no time for these faggots
    They frontin', but I'm about to break them out the havoc with the fire
    I battle water, what you order?
    You would run far from the slaughter
    I'm gunnin' out who ever's in the order
    The hitch out, no bitch out
    I'm good and plenty, nigga get ya rich out
    or nigga ditch out, for ya self and ya family
    cuz I don't want nobody layin' handin' me
    I'm livin' life, profanity, insanity
    because of my fame, insane
    When I'm rockin' on the block, I've got to push my cane
    Got to live in this life, baby times is trife
    Have to be on my side if you claim my wife
    No knife come between us, married to my Syndicate
    Niggaz see this, playa hate and try to be this
    It's hard to be this and you don't want to get dissed
    When you ballin' up ya fist, you don't wanted to be missed
    Buck! Buck! Back! Fuck! What the fuck?


    This is jail, 3 burners made Tina Turner dance
    Probably, you kiddin' me? Only my man bust side to me
    I was gotta be slicin' the pot, if I divide it by 3
    Dicks for them niggaz that snitch, whoever shot at me
    All up in my shit, pussies plottin' 3 days to about a week
    Wu-Syndicate most amputated across the E-N-T
    Entire, niggaz collapse and raid the empire
    Where his stash at? Cryin', he broke, a dame liar
    Yolk for the smoke, back room, Medallion man croak
    Now yo, no joke, take it, no damn moat
    Joe lock the door, pussy stay down, lay down
    Yo, Napolean get the duct tape, cave him for cash flow
    Biography, million my peers get painted robbery
    A to Z encyclopedia, color photography
    Penitentiary rhymes, salt get they ass took
    Street turn, patiently speakin', you know the math
    Make bitch niggaz ballerina, pull up they too-too
    Smacked up in front of ya bra', what his man do?
    Eyes glued to my right hand, don't rush me
    What that bitch scream, runnin' through traffic like lightnin'?
    Fell, loud boss screamin', yellin' for wifey
    You see that shit, another hit, Wu-Syndicate
    Myalansky, Joe Mafia and Napolean
    Coley on, Marlon Brando rap, ya roley on
    '97 bar, tighten storm door, war is on
    '98, a twisted rate, kidnap and solemnly swore
    to my boy, give my last call, pass the shoe horn
    Don't shoe guys, come, we move on, told you must prove on
    3 on ya Bally cleaner, who clapped? Sally seen her
    Black '97 beamer, bitch niggaz ballerina

    They just dance

    [Chorus x3]


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    Kind of disappointing the reused Ghost verse.

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    4-star track, haven't listened to it in a while but i remember thinkin myalansky and mafia standing out. i agree, dissapointing that ghost verse is from wu banga 101.
    "Push the Fuckin' seat up!"

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    agree with the ghost verse, bt damn this is 1 of thie illest beats and hooks ever,on that fact ill give it 5/5

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