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Thread: My lonely mattress

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    Default My lonely mattress

    A Scene at a bar....

    Time to mack it, I'm out of practice, I got a lonely mattress
    I guess my bad stick ain't scoring hat tricks
    She's a bad bitch, blocking dick like dominic
    Hasek, my pickel was a Vlassics
    Now it's pop-sicle freezer burned in plastic
    That's sick! I know, but at least it's from the heart
    "You'll be louis, I'll be Clark, Vickie Vale to Peter Park"
    <His name is bruce wayne>, "hahaha, stop being smart
    You got the gist" <you a dog> "oh, now I'm being dissed
    If I'm a dog, I need a bitch and some kibbles and bits
    Shiiiiit, I didn't like you as anyway
    ay yo tender hooks me up with some JD from tenesee"

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    Default Re: My lonely mattress

    LMAO, that was funny and good shit all at once.....

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