Here's some advice. If you ever do a cross platform "upgrade" which is all Adobe offers at this point since they stopped doing "direct cross-overs" then be prepared for weeks upon weeks of HELL over the phone.

They have a horrible reputation for customer service/sales regarding making what should be a non trivial request & purchase.

Besides that...

I just realized the standard version doesn't have the 3D tools like I had with CS3 extended (pc). Looking at amazon I noticed a big price gap. You pay like an extra $300 just for that feature. I don't really have a need for it but wanted to experiment in that area.

Is anyone aware if the 3D support exists as a plug-in I can later buy? Also has anyone tried Google Sketch up?

ps- most of you are probably running bootleg versions and the reason I have to pay out my pocket is because I use it in a work environment. Legal implications for running bootlegs in a corporate or even LLC structure are huge. Thats some advice to keep in mind if any of you pursue professional careers. Plus developers have families to feed.