you having a bad day!?!?!? problems stacking up!?!??! bill collector blowing your phone up!??!?!!? fuck the world, go spin this album, youll feel better!!!!!!!!!

royce da 5'9'' is one of the most talented emcees in the game, his introduction on eminems debut had every hip hop head spinning waiting for him to drop his album!!!!!! rock city hit, rock city flopped, it had some joints, but niggas came away feeling like royce dropped the ball!!!!!!!!

time passes, royces buzz dips, expectations plummet, nickel gets dropped from the majors and lands on KOCH, and he answers back by dropping the best album of his career outta nowhere!!!!!!!!!!

royce had built up a reputation as a potent lyricist, but death is certain gave listeners ryan montogomery the man... he didnt try to hide the fact he was depressed and frustrated and ended up turning in one of the more memorable mic performances of the 2 grand in my opinion!!!!!!!!! royce used pain to make the best music of his career!!!!

the production is on some early 90's basement shit, july 6 blessed royce with some tracks that woulda fit on a biggie album, ty fyfee came with a heater, and primo blessed royce with another classic!!!!!!!!!!

dark album, honest album, when i first bought this joint in 04 i thought it sounded like something straight outta the 90's!!!!!!! this shit woulda got way more praise had it been released on cassette, believe that!!!!! i still get chills bumpin this joint, i think enough times passed to call it a classic!!!!!!!! no one couldve expected an album this personal from royce, nigga was known for being cold as ice!!!!!!!! the niggas that heard it, know what it is!!!!! unfortunately not enough people heard it, if youve never heard of royce, do yourself a major favor and buy this album next time youre out!!!!!!!!

^^ classic flip, biggie woulda been all over this!!!!!!!!!!

these sample tracks are the tip of the iceburg, dont sleep on this gem piece!!!!!!!!!!