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Thread: I Wish You Were Here - Track Review

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    Default I Wish You Were Here - Track Review

    I Wish You Were Here

    Wu-Tang Chamber Music

    Ghostface Killah
    Tre Williams

    Fizzy Womack & Bob Perry

    (Ghostface Killah)

    This was my favorite girl for years, she knows the way I perform
    Sometimes I pull my boxers down, y'all, with one Timb on
    It be times, you know I stay away when her friends on
    For some reason, she be really hot, when her friends gone
    That's when I slide on over with a Guinness on the stoufer
    To talk a little shit, then get a little closer
    Like, what up boo, you know that Ghost loves you
    I get butterflies when we hug and kiss, do you?
    Huh? Answer me, let me if it's the truth now
    That pretty mole above your lips looking cute now
    Ooh child, I'm patient, my mind's telling me
    To stay calm, I wanna get it off like a G bomb
    On top of your skin, I'm sliding it in
    When I'm done, you can wake it up and ride it again
    Then we can hold on through the night, fan on and covers on
    It's bright from the TV light, peace, good night

    (Tre Williams)

    Looking out my window, sun shining bright
    Birds are singing, trying to make things right
    Now I got music, oh, on my radio
    And I can hear love songs playing, behind closed doors
    Now I don't want no one, on the catch me side
    But ever since you left, said goodbye


    I wish you were here with me
    I said I wish you were here with me
    I wish you were here, with me

    (Tre Williams)

    And thinking bout your kiss, gloom all around me
    Seen our love, is never gonna find me
    And I keep looking, oh, for that brighter day
    When all I see is, time slipping away
    Oh and I got to talk, to keep myself together
    But all I see is stormy weather


    (Tre Williams)

    Now I got to get, get myself together
    Cuz I can't take no more, of this stormy weather
    Now I wish you were here with me
    I wish you were right here
    I wish you were here with me, ooh


    (Tre Williams)

    Night falls and I call for you, love
    But there's no one here to answer
    No, no, no, oh
    The wind blows and I turn to catch ya
    But there's no one there but my reflection
    No, oh I said I wish you was here with me

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    why...just why..this album is full of hardcore wu bangers then this shit..not that it's a bad song but it just doesnt fit the album. tre williams has a nice voice too. something i wouldnt mind hearing on wizard of poetry just not this album..2 out of 5.

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    While I agree it's probably out of place, I think it's better than most of the tracks on WOP

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
    While I agree it's probably out of place, I think it's better than most of the tracks on WOP
    I agree - in fact I wish WOP had been like this.

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    Beat is boring, Tre is grating, and Ghost is asleep.

    2 stars.

    Rae signing my CL2 in the Bronx

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    love this track,i also agree with it being better than the majority of WOP

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    beautiful song, as y'all say it's a bit out of place on "Chamber Music" but beautifully executed nontheless. when i first heard that soothing backdrop and Ghost stepped in that kicked up my expectations for "Wizard of Poetry" a whole lot, Tre Williams kills it too - very talented singer in my book, although i think Ghost should've had an extra verse at the end. just like the other 7 songs on "Chamber Music" this one is a great piece of work.

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