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Thread: New Classic - Track Review

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    Default New Classic - Track Review

    New Classic


    Large Professor

    Large Professor


    Classic, classic, classic, classic *yo*
    Classic, classic, classic *yo, yo*


    I got book rhymes, Crook lines, Built like tankers,
    Look Ma they took mines hook line and sinker,
    Big time thinker nailed in a pine box,
    Watching like a hawk kid, Seats in the sky box,
    Cut you with a dry ox, Slapped with a bank roll,
    Stank hoes on salary loving my lingo,
    Get money, Make moves, Burn more calorie,
    Bruise your anatomy, My atom is hard,
    Slam you on the granite dammit, Rap bandits at large,
    Pin metals on my chest, Stir up the hornet's nest,
    Burn holes in your neck, Control your flesh,
    Fat back wheels, Crack kills children,
    Every time the mack spits in the back of the building,
    Splash with a feeling, You need a healing,
    Hot shots of sake, son, you can't stop me,
    You can't drop me son or cock block me,
    I'm powder puff so ruff, slot time, Dough rush
    Hit my enemies in your guts, Cold crush,
    Rib cage blow up, Everything's hurricane,
    Red beams tear your frame, My dick game's never lame,
    Slang right, Daylight, Hot grease and egg whites,
    Hog mics all night, Fisticuff dog fights,
    With Dillinger's, Motorized mouth out the cylinder,
    War tone, Guerrilla hormone, Vast in the eminence,
    Dance with the Ramadan, Throw y'all armor on,
    Gift wrap your karma strong, Shots out in Lebanon,
    LeBron James, Golden Arms, Large Professor, Niggas cocaine niggas.


    Classic, classic, classic, classic
    Classic, classic, classic, classic
    Classic, classic, classic

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    more heat agen,not long enuff, but still banging uey bringing it again

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    I wish it was longer too, but I can't not call it a classic. The Wu have dozens of tracks under the 2 minute mark that I consider classics. Come to think of it, so did the Beatles.

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    thats tru b-rock, the wu have so many under 2min tracks that i wished wer 4/5min+ tracks

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    i'm still dissapointed it was just a re-used instrumental from 2008's "Main Source" LP. shit is banging though, if i hadn't heard Large Pro rock this i would've been more blown away by it probably.

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