Errbody Scream

Blackout! 2

Method Man
Keith Murray

Swiff D

Everybody just scream


(Redman *Method Man* #Keith Murray#)

Gilla House, ayo, Meth, nigga? *What up?*
Ayo, Keith Murray, nigga, pass the muthafucking weed, nigga
#Meth, got that joint# *Nah, you got that shit, nigga, stop playin'*
You know how I do when I come in the muthafucking building, man
Redman, nigga

Everybody just scream


Call your moms on the phone, it's the jam
I got jet ski's that ride over land
Since a young buck had fire in my hands
When I was bumping Roxanne, Roxanne
I got gin and an O.J.
Rock Friday to Next Friday like O'Shea
Hit the west coast, six four on tray
Doctor Bombay, sick flow all day
I don't play fair, niggas can't see me
That's why I make it do what it do, baby, yeah
You want some, yeah, niggas hit the floor
When I kick in the door, wave in the four four
For sure, Uncle Snoop, where's the coupe?
Cuz I keep a hoe fighting like New York and Hoops
Strap up your boots, move around
Pick it up like engine number nine
It's mine, homey, Tech, what's good?
And it ain't hard to tell how I rep my hood
You a beast like me, rep your hood
Sign the check when I mic check, one-two


West Coast niggas love getting it started
Down South niggas love getting it started
East Coast niggas love getting it started
But when we in the house shit get retarded
When we in the house shit get retarded
When we in the house shit get retarded
We came to finish what y'all done started

Everybody just scream

(Keith Murray)

Ayo, fuck your prognosis on who's the dopest
You get skate like super chronic halitosis
If you looking for beef, you know you gon' get it
Got y'all niggas yellin' callin' the cops, get the paramedics
Keith Murray, Method Man, Redman
Hip hop got Barack in his B-Boy stance
Like a nigga with no legs, you don't stand a chance
Against the Wu-Tang, Def Squad, L.O.D. war dance
One glance, watch Keith Murray hop out
In a hurry, cold like a McFlurry
No Mickey D's, show me the money like Jerry Maguire
L.O.D. for hire, I'm ready
I rep Strong Island, bums get rushed
I pack house like Biggie in Notorious
We warriors, who the fuck are you?
I pop an E and the gun go Pikachu
Niggas know how deep the crew, get at me
I'm nasty, but I went from ashy to classy
Got badunkadunks waving all at me
Cuz I be, doing my thing and making everybody scream


(Method Man)

Yo, Brick City, Staten, Long Island, we back
More violent on the track, black talent and a gat
Bomb shit, like a nigga wilding in Iraq
See the truth of the fact, niggas lying in they raps
Me? I'm a diamond in the rough in the cut
Like peroxide, got mine frying in the Dutch
Forget about your top 5, try and top mines
Take shine like I got mine ironing your guts
You know I keep it fired up, fire in the hole
To the game, old and tired, I be tired when I'm old
I'm trying to keep it hot like the pile up in the stove
While these rappers losing power putting powder in they nose
Meth, Keith Murray and Redman, yo
Fuck you and your mama on a headband, hoe
You can call the kid a modern day Van Gogh
Take the art to a place where the fake can't go
My chain and my pants hang low
Got my own name brand, I'm the man made, bro
Cash in advance, I'ma blow up with the dough
Whoa ho ho, don't let me like slow up with flow