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Thread: Pyrex Vision - Track Review

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    Default Pyrex Vision - Track Review

    Pyrex Vision

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...part II


    Marley Marl

    Niggaz got me the behind the pot again, but yo


    The Pyrex is bubbling, the stove is broke
    Fuck it, use the flame from the oven, the famous dozen
    Bout to hit the streets, they buzzing, break it down, yo
    Chop it like he raided your luggage
    Major yellow shit in the pot, struggling
    Trying to form a rock up, and double it, and call up my cousin
    What up beloved? Stab it, tilt and twirl, spit in it
    Plus put a little bit of milk in, fiends love it
    Sat back, confident in comfort, the light blew out
    All I see is all white stuff, suds in it
    Four hundred razors in a bucket, seventy plates
    We thinking ten mill a man, nigga, fuck it
    It's on, get the baking soda, dump it
    How many niggaz'll pump to get eighty more?
    Get it jumping
    Live by the code and we thumping
    Nigga take this, fuck around and taste a flake bitch, you drunk it
    It's all in the eyes of the hungry
    It's all for the wise and the humbly, the rise came upon me
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    Absolutely brilliant, especially for a 1 minute track

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    1 minute of greatness, make this a 4min track and it would prob be the best on the album,although its works well being short its a good part of the album

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