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Thread: Kiss the Ring - Track Review

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    Default Kiss the Ring - Track Review

    Kiss the Ring

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...part II

    Inspectah Deck
    Masta Killa

    Scram Jones


    Suga, come here, ayo man, tell ya man
    He better bring that fuckin' money here tomorrow, man
    You, walk up in the joint with me, man
    It's all real, yo, what up son?
    Yo, hold the bottle, it's your night, nigga!
    It's your night!
    Yeah, mad bottles! Playboy! We out of here, man

    (Inspectah Deck)

    Step inside, kiss the ring - so salute, and toast to the best who done it

    *Give it up for the Wu-Tang Clan!*

    [Chorus x2]

    (Inspectah Deck)

    When I step inside, kiss the ring, Wu Familia
    La Cosa Nostra, it's our thing
    So salute, and toast to the best who done it
    Murder rap shit, I spit, for the vets who love it


    By the time you read this letter
    Your head gon' fly off your shoulder for lying
    And I'm a be in bed like hold this
    Blood from a horse on your spread, you tried to play me now
    I'm coughing up, dough on your head, you just a baby
    See me in the flick as a Rick, I had to maybe with me
    All these niggaz stay in the 90's, getting rich
    Rick Ruler robe on with rings, walking to the throne
    Fronting like I know I'm the king, I live alone though
    Buying up, China's Beemers, taking it to Simon's in Medina
    Only just to blind you and leave ya
    These young boys is crafted with aim, I bought 'em all
    Fly ranches, cause they all stand beside me with flames
    Regardless, yo, to making the classic, you gon' witness some of the tactics
    Some died, live in the action
    A live general when he walk, if he died, then we slide
    Ninety thou' in the coffin, and take the child


    (Inspectah Deck)

    Black Jesus, check my walk, check my talk
    Legend in the flesh and I rep New York
    Crowned king, been down to bang, I'm House Gang
    Knockout specialist, in and out the ring
    Got dinner tables long as boats with old kitchens
    And Wu-Tang logos splashed on all the dishes
    You know how I speaks the truth, how I teach the youth
    I'm an animal, I beast the booth
    Been grinding, banging out for food to eat
    Your boy still eating good, check my new physique
    Since the world is mine, I'm a write my name on the clouds
    So that ol' yee faithful, can praise it and bow

    (Masta Killa)

    Now he's an old Mafia don, from back when
    He managed to survive the game, ducking fame
    It's how he maintained, the State of Grace, kept his lab laced
    Ladies of a fine taste, kept his place guarded
    While the young charted, found acquitted, all charges
    And his heart loss and, marksmen take the contract
    From the contact, waiting for the right event, it all made sense
    He left no prints on the weapon, and he was blasting
    Came home from prison stashing, still stacking
    His whip still matching his kit, steel flashing
    Hands quick, nice with his shit, three holy foods
    Drops jewels, from a street corner level, young brother, I'm a rebel
    Here to instruct private soldiers to buck arms
    Ya'll rap cats had your last win, toast the kings
    It's Wu-Tang, it's our thing, kiss the ring

    [Chorus x2]
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    One of their best songs ever.

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    Absolutely brilliant. Masta and Deck are a great combo

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    i dunno bout this this,i hate it but i like it,it annoys me when i play the cd i skip this cuz i dont think it fits,like it aint right,i dont like chorus,but i think thats due to the production,the beat isnt to my taste,kinda irritates me,lyrically its tight,but sumthins jus not right,i get how peeps like it but,i jus dont feel the song

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    Crazy sample giving me goosebumps! Classic!

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    Great song but Deck ruins the hook by sounding sloppy and pronouncing Cosa Nostra wrong

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    A better Title Than Yours RagapanD-ZALLAH's Avatar
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    great song. lyrics are right. Beats good and bad at the same time.
    Overly happy...? *shivvers*
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    All In Together Now

    Genius . Steels . Mcgirt
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    Gay-ass beat ruins the song. How are you gonna use a fuckin ELTON JOHN sample and not even try to flip it well??? Masta's verse was nice, though....

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    Absolutely classic track! Was my favorite track on the album at first, but I can't pick between this, Cold Outside, and Black Mozart now.

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    Beat is fucking ridiculous man, and then there's the lyrics - best tune on the album I think. Followed closly by New Wu Cold Outside and Black Mozart

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    nice concept (beat/sample fits that well...for a closing, legacy tribute song).
    but to me, the beat seems to be missing a tiny something....something to tie it together.
    rae's verse sucks!!
    INS owns it.......again.
    MK is the fucking man.
    ideally i think ALL 9 gens shoulda been on it w/ a verse paying tribute to the WU legacy.

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    You really didn't like Rae's Godfather verse?

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