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Thread: We Will Rob You - Track review

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    Default We Will Rob You - Track review

    We Will Rob You

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...part II

    Masta Killa
    Slick Rick

    Allah Justice

    [kung fu sample]

    Who the hell teaches you kung fu?
    Your master must be an ignorant idiot as well!


    (Slick Rick)

    *Uncle Ricky, would you read us a bedtime story?*
    Nah kid, but I'm a give you one them old Raekwon crime joints
    Feel me? We will, we will...
    We will, we will - here we go


    Well it was late one night, walking through the park
    With my leathered down coat and wallabee Clarks
    Getting my step on, big shit, big six, big wrist
    So much excitement in the air, I was crisp
    Money suitcase, Louis joint
    *yo, Rae, I'm a get some shit just like yours!*
    Go make it happen, black God and get rich
    Saw the D's fly by, in a New Yorker, yup, tints and shit
    They made a right on me, them last two dicks
    Know I seen 'em, Max loaded, jog right back to the car
    They spun around again and blast they shits
    I dropped a Backwood, a puff and then a 6-4-5
    You's a live nigga, you almost smashed yo shit
    I'm a don my way out the bitch, moving through the car
    Nice and slow, two hoodies on and a golden pit
    Nigga had a white eye, they both blacked down
    What's the clown shit for? The dog jumped in the whip
    It was a trained one, wops pointed at me *yo, nigga, freeze*


    I told the Chef Raekwon, pump the breaks
    Slow it down, you know these C-Cypher Punks scanned your plates
    Release the seatbelt off the shoulders, a mile ahead
    Then the vibe got a lot colder when the marksman said
    *Black niggaz in the Jeep, get the fuck out the car*
    *Put your hands where my eyes can see or suffer a scar*
    He was a veteran, who kept, pepper spray in the cannister
    Donut shop lounger, thirty eight brandisher
    On top of that, the blunt smoke just rang a bell
    Of his bloodhound who had an acute sense of smell
    Beef tripping, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth
    That was pointy as the daggers of the Indian Chiefs
    Same cops known for extorting pimps and booking whores
    Aimed glocks at me and Rae, cause they was looking for
    A few emcees wanted for a string of break-ins
    Last seen, wearing long minks and snake skins


    (Slick Rick)

    We will, we will, rob you
    We will, we will, glock you
    We will, we will, what? who? *not you*
    Here we go...

    (Masta Killa)

    You know my Clan done ran from Japan to Atlanta
    With stamina, peace to Chef, Mr. Meth
    Move it on your left, with the Iron Lung breath
    Ghostface Kill', U-G I'll
    Deck so real, Dr. Ason Unique, the medic
    Ahh, Allah Just, The Abbott, ya'll niggaz can't forget it
    You might catch a Cap if your shit ain't Street
    Allah Mathematics make the cypher complete
    See knowledge is the foundation of existence
    To know starts the spark of the flow
    Wisdom activation of the Nation moving
    Wise words, show and prove or understand the 13 letters
    And the Masta, culture be the way of life
    Freedom is reward, who will pay the price for the power
    Spending hour after hour, preparing his self
    For the hour, now look how refined
    When the mind and body is one, every part of me
    Supreme equality, manifest the nature of self
    G-O-D, now build and add on to the truth
    Destroy the bullshit, born incomplete
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    dope track

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    dope track but slick rick not having a verse is a fucking sin...

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