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Thread: VOTES NEEDED King vs. Dusk

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    i snipe wu corpians and ripe fruits hording in this thread,
    complaining saying that i write too Freudian
    i could write a verse in much less than 40 minutes
    tailor cut like suits and ties, and ill have ya crew sportin em
    casket filler, you can die when the gat delivers
    24 lines, im back with white like silverback gorillas
    or gandolf, back to the woods, Tiger you cant golf
    rhymes combine like medicine-and-coughs for mexican standoffs
    so get your Banderas on like patriots, guitar cases
    full of bars, Dusk is wild, get bullet scarred if u pull the card
    im Gambit with the Deck display, Rebel INS in ways
    bullshit bars gettin played, while im Manifestin praise
    King Shyt is destined to be digested, sit in intestines,
    shit is depressin, consider your Kinship rejected
    i got the instant impression that your verse would be ruthless
    but after the first was useless, it was clear ud been vertically suplexed
    ya fuckin with Hulkamania, rippin off the tee
    of course you see your style in mine, cuz u bit it off of me
    ill make ya sox redder than the Boston team, or Boston beans
    im hot peppers, experience a loss in teeth when crossin me
    Breathe awesome, rappers bleed 'less they heed cautions
    slap ya seed, gramatically catch a Steve Austin
    throwin steel pentagrams, at ya satanist cult
    you want the God to lend a hand? take it in bolts.
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