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Thread: Project Pat

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    Default Project Pat

    is the shit IMO. thoughts?comments?good songs?

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    Default Re: Project Pat

    North, North.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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    Default Re: Project Pat

    haha listening to that now...is layin the smackdown worth buying?

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    Default Re: Project Pat

    meh, it's alright, not as classic as ghetty green.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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    lol pat has to have the most simplistic flow i have ever hear

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    Been listening to him a lot lately...

    Been diggin' this kids rap over the Project Pat beat:

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    Ghetty Green classic back when 36 was good and DJ Paul didnt fuck around on the boards

    Cmon now.. Krazyie and Pat...

    So many people got their jaws cracked and houses shot up to old classic Pat

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