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Thread: Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married 2

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    there's nothing wrong with funny ghetto movies in general, but when the majority of films with black casts conform to that, there is something wrong. some of us would like to see serious, thought-provoking and (dirty word) artistic material, instead of just lowest common denominator comedies that just revolve around stereotypical situations and characters. i don't get it...is it an insult that his movies open in independent theatres as opposed to in major theatres? i would rather watch a boatload of 'shehateme' or 'bamboozled' over another fucking madea movie. spike lee's filmography pretty much shits on every other black director's filmography from about two miles up (most directors in general to be honest), so i'll roll with him over tyler perry lol

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    is that the army guy from 'it's a different world'? dude was raw lol i think i caught this late night on upn a few years back lol

    now we all know where the widlflower intro came from

    'shit, that's my man'

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    LOL@Pandemic thinks Spike Lee's She Hate Me movie is good hahahahahahahahahahaha. Terrible movie. Spike's movies used to come to major theatres when his career first started. But lately his last few movies have come to independent theatres. Now who's fault do you think that is? It's Spike's fault. His movies have never made a lot of money except maybe Malcolm X. I'm not saying that he's a wack director because his movies haven't made a lot of money. He's done some good ones i like such as Do The Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X, Clockers, Get On The Bus, Mo Better Blues. But you have to admit he hasn't made a good movie in a long time. I don't think too many people know he directed Original Kings Of Comedy movie with Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, DL Hughley. That's a funny movie because of the comedians of course. Now why do you think Tyler Perry's movies have made so much money? His movies always do well opening weekend. Why Did I Get Married 2 made $32 million opening weekend and it came in 2nd place. That's impressive for a black director.

    There are a few black directors left like F Gary Gray and Antoine Fuqua but how come their movies aren't doing well financially? F Gary Gray who did the classic Friday movie with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker did Law Abiding Citizen movie with Jamie Foxx and i don't think it made that much money even though it's a good movie. Same thing with Antoine. He directed the latest flick Brooklyn's Finest with Wesley Snipes and Don Cheadle and it didn't do that well. It's not even at the theatres anymore LOL. Pandemic, you and other critics on here who got a problem with ghetto black movies need to stop tripping because like i said before, black movies can't be serious all the time. If you notice, black serious movies don't make a lot of money even though there's nothing wrong with making black serious movies. I don't understand the criticism that Death At A Funeral is getting. So what the movie looks ghetto and funny. Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan are very funny guys and i'm sure the movie did well financially last weekend.

    I remember when movie critics before were bitching about black hood movies like Boyz N The Hood, Menace II Society, New Jack City, Baby Boy, Juice, Colors, Deep Cover, King Of New York talking about those movies are too violent and it seems that those were the only type of movies blacks could do. Well i don't mean to diss Hollywood white folks who own movie companies but those type of movies need to be made. Now that black comedy movies today are still being made, ya'll are bitching about that too. Some people will never be happy LOL. Some people are always gonna bitch and complain about something. It amazes me that black hood movies get dissed for being too violent and having too much cursing and sex but i don't see horror movies getting dissed by movie critics for having way too much violence and influencing crazy men to kill people.

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    but i don't see horror movies getting dissed by movie critics for having way too much violence and influencing crazy men to kill people.
    are you kidding me? read more and you'll be amazed.

    and like i said, i don't have a problem with those movies, there should just be more diversity in presentation. i don't understand you invoking the money argument here as you are not a producer and have no vested interest in how well certain films perform commercially. i am talking about the overall art of filmmaking.

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