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Thread: favorite BIG L tracks

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    put it on

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    there so many good tracks

    casualties of a dice game
    platnum plus
    danger zone
    98 freestyle pt 1 and 2 pt
    steet struck
    deadly combonation
    school dayz

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    thats just to start with
    i got like this cd i made it has like thirty difernt freestyles and rare tracks and live with children of the corn, digin in the crates
    so its hard to say a favorit
    each time you listin to big l you here some other ill line
    hes so sick
    i would say one of the best mcs of all time
    if he didnt die hed still be crushin it
    it would of been big L and jayz killin it on roc a fella

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    Default Re: favorite BIG L tracks

    lots that have been mentioned and:

    Big Picture Intro.

    Fall Back.
    If I Offend You .. Fuck You I Intend To ..

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