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this makes black people racist ?

what is overall accomplishment to alot of people ? money ?

does "making it" mean making alot of money to you ?

if you own your own home and drive a nice expensive car,wear expensive clothes, and is college educated does this mean you are successful ?
No, I don't think that at all. Sucess is all a state of mind. I've seen more rich miserable people and more happy poor people in my life as proof. Making it to me is being content with life. If content means having a house on a lake then that's what I'll get and I'm not gonna let anyone stand in the way of that. If it means I put some needy kid through school, be it a black, white, or whatever kid then I'll do that and make sure nothing stands in his/her way. And no, by my comment I didn't mean that black are racist, but IMO blacks constantly hollering about how the white man is keeping them down is the same as those rednecks hollering that they're losing "their" country. Just like sucess, it's all a mindstate. Cause I don't care if you're white or black, you're always gonna run into somone that wants to see you fall. Niggas with pennies hate niggas with nickels just as much as crackers with pennies do.