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    "stike manz neck like lightnin"
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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    I had to paste from my note pad so this is the best it comes out.. If i try to fix it up it just screws up more.. one, lol..

    I'm not doing the knowledge on some of the hip hop.. On the real they got me going crazy..

    All day long my family is fighting, crying, bitching just to get me off blance, for so

    long now.. They try to envoke guilt, shame, and anything you can possibly think..

    Threating me always how they going to leave...

    I can't get no sleep because i have to get up 5 til 6 times at night to pee, shit sucks,

    but i looked it up and I have all the symptoms of a enlarged prostate.. It seems kind of

    foolish cus i'm only 26, but my psychiatrist says it's very possible for people in my age

    to have this problem.. So i asked if he could refer me to a doctor to do a prostate test.. he said yes but also

    subcribed me to do a whole bunch of other test, but i never went.. Cus last time they told

    me i have diabetes, They would poke my finger every fucking hour and tell me oooh your a

    bleeder..lol.. They would remind me all the fucking time... They would prob tell you to

    get me ready for my death or the idea of it.. Anyways i did not want any other possibility of another disease,

    where they try to make me take the meds.. I checked out the symptoms of the medcation you

    take for an enlarged prostate and it's not worth it.. just got to stop drinking liquids 3

    hours before bed time, But that dont always work..

    I'm prone to snap on a nigga if they driving me crazy enough.. But they got to be doing

    some fucked up shit... I mean ive snaped on these niggas for giving me a virus on my

    computer,,lol.. But i been getting non stop viruses for years now every 10 days, sometimes 15 days

    too a month in my computer.. So i can never focus on my work in my computer.. Thank god

    they not doing anymore.. now the last time i got a virus was awhile ago now..

    then i got to judge everytime i go out if the people i'm dealing with are in the know

    about me and are they going to try to pull off a stunt.. You dont know what it's like

    being followed by the beast...LOL.. shit man this whole city trying to drive a nigga

    crazy.. Dont matter where i go, a Black neighborhood?? oohh they there,, indian, yepp..

    chilein, cuban, anything son..lol.. i'm only giving you my perpective from this place..

    Sometimes they would follow me non stop, hitting a nigga with darts.. Then you got shit

    where it's so fucking anti matter, fuck subatomic, that you dont know what to think of the

    situation.. That leaves fucking imprints whether you like it or not, with this constant

    battle they wage upon me.. Then you got no outlet to talk about it besides a fucking

    computer, Your family basically does not love you... Plus they reveal all the fucked up

    shit they wanna do to me.. Like possiabley burn me alive.. yeah son that got to me..

    I just wanna be able to chill.. But then i got to come here and play two different roles..

    And i have to take all the bullshit from the fucking internet..
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    I just need to get my mind right!!

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